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26th International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival

26th International Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival will be held in Aspendos Ancient Theater between 1st and 18th of September 2019. If you ask me what is the best thing to do in Alanya in September? I would definitely say that one of them is to go to Aspendos ancient theatre and joining the wind of emotions in the magical atmosphere. September is the art and culture events month. The Roman Anci...

Exhibition in Alanya

Decorative digital art mixed the technique of media exhibition will be held on the 21st of August by Iranian Artist Ali Youssefi. Place: Gold City Hotel/ Kargicak Date: 21st of August, 18:00-23:00 Event: Opening the exhibition and Gallery  

Contemporary art exhibition in Alanya

A contemporary art exhibition called “impressions” will be held at 16th-30th of September in Alanya at Alanya Culture and Art Centre by Russian Artists. September is the time in Alanya for visual and aural arts. Two important events will be held in Alanya in September. Those are a contemporary art exhibition and Alanya Jazz Days. Art is a dialogue I’m looking at the sea and I wan...

Alanya Jazz Festival

16. Alanya International Jazz Festival will be held at 26-29th of September in 2019. The full programme will be announced soon. Visit Alanya #Alanyafinaldestination  

Clean City Alanya

Alanya City is my home. We live here. Alanya is not the only touristic place where the only tourists come in the summertime but also nearly 300.000 inhabitants live in Alanya. Alanya has amazing natural beauties. Alanya is a clean town. On the other hand when 1 Million people are having holidays at the same time than the environmental problems start. Thanks to Alanya municipality cleaning staff th...

Are you ready to be eyes of Alanya?

 It is funny and you have a big chance to win prizes. The new competition “eyes of Alanya” is online now. It is easy to join to competition that the only thing to do is upload your images to the web site called ALTAV (Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation) organizes the competition with Alanya Municipality, ALTID ( Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Association), TTPP ( ...

Alanyaspor FC 2019/20 Tickets Are On Sale

Alanyaspor FC 2019/20 season tickets are on sale, Buy Now! Enjoy and experience the magnificent atmosphere at Alanyaspor FC  during 2019/2020 season. Buy now tickets, use the advantage of early booking and get the great seats. How can I  buy season tickets of Alanyaspor FC? Visit the club house near Alanyaspor training ground or Visit Alanyaspor FC Store near Atatürk monument Buy online tickets, f...

Students’ Applications started at Alanya HEP University

Alanya HEP University has started to receive student applications for the 2019-2020 academic year. Applications will be made online between 16th July and 22nd August in 2019.   How do  I make an application to Alanya HEP University? International students applying for the undergraduate programmes of Alanya HEP University must fill in the application form on

Worth to see – Oil Wrestling Festival in Alanya

15. Gökbel Yayla (High Plateu) Oil Wrestling Festival will be held at 20-21st of July in Alanya at the top of Taurus Mountain. The wrestlers are using oil on the body that the rival can not easly grab them. The rules of tradition Turkish wresting is different than normal wrestling. Its is outdoor and on the grass. Over 700 wrestlers will join the championship At the top of Taurus Mountain the plac...

Alanya is at Heads and Tails

So far the best TV show for Alanya Promotion “Орёл и Решка” Visit Alanya and ALTAV ( Alanya Tourism Board) have organised to get the TV programme called #headsandtails to Alanya and make them to shoot the programme in Alanya. The shootings have been done  in April. Heads and Tails TV programme is so popular at Russian speaking countries. Around the world 460 Millions people has watched...

19. International Alanya Tourism and Art Festival

19. International Alanya tourism and art festival will be held at 15th-17th of June in Alanya. Festival will start at 17:30 at the front of Atatürk monument with Nomad Move Parade on Saturday. Alanya Municipality Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel said that We are taking care of our traditions that is the main vain which feed us. Mayor Yücel added that Nomad Culture is our inheritance to convey to new gen...

Turkey Triathlon Championship in Alanya

Turkish Triathlon Championship will be held in Alanya at 27-28th of April in 2018. Beacuse of the competions roads beatween Atatürk monument and Mesut Hotel in Oba will be closed for the cars between 07:00-17:00 on Sunday. Rıhtım Caddesi will be also closed for the running competions on Sunday.     Visit Alanya

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