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Sugar Feast in Alanya

It is time to celebrate probably the most important religious feast in Turkey what you may say Ramadan Feast or Sugar Feast. In my opinion It is most valuable and exciting day for the kids. After Ramadan month appr. 3 days Ramadan Feast all in Turkey and excitement of reaching to family starts. As you think 600.000 people moved to their home towns from Istanbul. Sugar feast mean is Family. Sugar f...

What is new in Alanya in 3 years time?

New investments in Alanya Alanya municipality has announced the news and published a video which shows the new investments in Alanya in last 3 years time. It is better to watch the video than the words. Mean time you will enjoy the drone shooting of Alanya at video. #Visit_alanya

Deep sea discovery of Alanya with Nemo Primeroo

Nemo Primeroo is under the water in Alanya now. Submarine Nemo Primeroo in Alanya is at the service of Alanya Tourists by the summer of 2017. Probably one of the best thing to do in Alanya is discovering the deep sea of Alanya. Facts about Tour and Submarine Nemo Primeroo Maximum 100 meters deep, 22 passenger capacity, 72 hours under water remain capacity and certified by Turkish Lyod. The Submari...

Dusseldorf – Alanya line by Air Germania

Air Germania start to fly from Dusseldrof to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport by 9th of June. Air Germania will have 2 flight in a week on Tuesday and Fridays. Flights will continue untill end of October. Air Germania fly already to Alanya Gazipaşa airport from Hamburg and Bremen. Flight tickets are from 79 € one way. For booking flight to Alanya go to:

Alanya Archaeological Museum

It is absolutely worth to see Hercules in Alanya. Hercules Bronze Statue, 2. Century, Museum of Alanya Alanya Archaeological Museum Museum has been opened in 1967. Museum opened as archeological and ethnography museum. But after the Atatürk house and museum designing, the museum became Alanya Archaeological Museum at 2010 . Museum have had new renovation in 2012 and opened again. Museum sections :...

Polish flight to Alanya

Wezyr Holiday arranging the first flight to Alanya-Gazipaşa airport at 5ft of June. The first flight will be realized by FreeBird Boing 737-800 within 189 passengers. According to Wezyr Holidays media announce the first flight will be from Katowice to Alanya Gazipaşa. This is the first charter flight to Gazipaşa-Alanya airport from Poland..  

Top Scorer – Top Story – Vagner Love

The story called Vagner love. Mr. Love The story has started when Alanyaspor FC has risen up to Turkish Super Leauge. Alanyaspor FC management transferred Brazillian football star Vagner Love to Alanya. More than 200 cars have waited for this guy at the entrance of the town the say warm welcome. Love has played already in many big clubs such as Moscow and Monaco also in Brazillian national team. S...

Buying property in Alanya

Popular tourist destination Alanya became one of the most popular place for foreigner home buyers in Alanya. Approximately more than 40.000 people has bought proprty in Alanya from 79 different countries. Earlier than 2003 just German people used to buy property in Alanya. After the new regulation of sales property to foreigners in 2003, a lot of Scandinavian and Russian people bought property in ...

Join the football festival – Alanyaspor FC

Probably one of the best thing to do in Alanya joing the football festival. Following game is in Alanya at Oba Stadium against Karabükspor at 14th of May at 19:00 What are the remained games at super leauge? 14.05.2017   Alanyaspor v Karabükspor 22.05.2017   Akhisar Bld v Alanyaspor 29.05.2017   Alanyaspor v Galatasaray 04.06.2017   Rizespor v Alanyaspor Football is life style in Alanya and Alanya...

Festival Music Programme in Alanya

17. Alanya international tourism and art festival will be held in May 20-22nd in 2017. Music programme is already obvious. You may follow the artists by the video. #Visit Alanya

Children’s day on 23 April in Alanya

Celebrations in honor of the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day on April 23 have already started around Turkey. Every year in Alanya and all in Turkey the day 23rd of April is the day of Children. Actually the week  from 21st is totally festival of national sovereignty and children’s days. The celebretion will start at Atatürk monument at 09:00 o’clock on Sunday in Alanya. A...

Pegas Touristik to Alanya-Gazipaşa Airport

Pegas Touristik which is one of the biggest travel agency in Russia has decided to fly to Alanya – Gazipaşa Airport. Pegas will fly to Alanya from Russia and Ukraine with Pegaus Airlines. Charter flight will start in second week of May from Moscow and Saint Petersburg directly to Alanya Gazipaşa Airport. By the way the first Pobeda Airlines flight to Alanya- Gazipaşa airport from Russia will...

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