Sports in Alanya

Alanya is the sport center of all touristic destinations of Turkey. During the year you can join and enjoy, beach volley, beach footbal, triathlon and more sports..

Paragliding world championship in Alanya

Pragliding world championship will be held in Alanya at 19-21st of April in 2019. Will you joing the wonderful festival in Alanya? Are you ready watch the paragliding world championship in Alanya?  This wonderful organization will be held in Alanya at 19-21st of April in 2019. You may watch the competions in Alanya at Cleopatra Beach. If you like join the competion and also get more information fo...

On the way to UEFA

Alanyaspor FC has won the game 2-1 against Erzurum Spor FC at home. It was an exciting game that Alanyaspor missed two penalty by Cisse. There were 4 penalty dececion on the game that Erzurum Spor FC kicked the goal with penalty. Alanyaspor FC has risen up the poinst to 34 and got the 8th position at Turkish Super League. Süper Lig SIRA TAKIM O AV P 1 Başakşehir 25 28 57 2 Galatasaray 24 22 46 3 B...

Tour of Turkey – Alanya stage

54th of Presidental Cycling Tour of Turkey will be held at 9th-14th of October 2018. Organized traditionally by Turkish Cycling Federation, Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey started in 1963 as “Marmara Tour,” it gained an international status for the first time in 1965 and included within the sponsorship of Presidential Office in 1966. In its 54nd year, the tour will be organized under 6 stages ...

Alanya beach soccer cup

Alanya beach soccer cup will be held at 5-7th of October in Alanya at Galip Dere Beach behind the Alanya City Hall. A brand-new event will take place this Autumn in the Turkish city of Alanya. Local side Alanya Belediye Spor will host clubs travelling from Russia, Spain and Portugal to take part in a Round Robin BSWW Tour between the dates of October 5th and 7th. The confirmed teams are: Sporting ...

Traditional Triathlon fest in Alanya

Alanya 2018 ETU Triathlon European Cup and 2018 Alanya ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup will be held at 22-23rd of September. The organisation has been done in Alanya for 28 years. It is one of the most important sport activity in Alanya. Alanya is the place where the first time triathlon sport has started. Alanya municipality will make the organisation. Mayor of Alanya Mr. Yücel said that Triath...

Big Game Alanyaspor vs Galatasaray

Alanyaspor FC proudly presents. Great game >> Alanyaspor vs. Galatasaray This evening, Alanya’s Football team at Turkish Super League Alanyaspor FC will play against Galatasaray in Istanbul at Türk Telekom Stadyum at 21:45. This is the 3. game of the Turkish Super League and our team has no points yet. We are hoping to leave with good result this evening from the game. Alanyaspor has t...

Time for Alanyaspor FC

It is the time for Alanya’s Super League football team Alanya Spor FC. Turkish football league ( Süper Lig) will start at 10th of August on Sunday with Ankaragücü – Galatasaray game in 2018. Alanya’s football team Alanya Spor will play the first at in Sivas against Sivas Spor at 11st of August at 19:30. Mean time the Alanya Spor club management has already started to sell season ...

In September Alanya

We would like to say early welcome September. September in Alanya is one of the most beautiful time during the year. When the weather is getting cooler the sea water is still warm. Amzing.. On the other hand 2 big organisations will be held in September in Alanya. 28. Alanya Triathlon European Cup Alanya 2018 ETU Triathlon European Cup and 2018 Alanya ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup will be held...

Beach Volley world tour Alanya

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Alanya 1 Star Beach volley world tour Alanya will be held in Alanya from May 31st to Jun 3rd, 2018. The organisation will be starting at 09:00 at Alanya Damlataş Beach. Photos by Yakup Uslu #Visit Alanya #alanyafinaldestination

Orange and Green

Today is the party night Finally everywhere is orange and green in Alanya. Beacuse Alanyaspor FC has already guaranteed to keep staying in super league of Turkey. Alanyaspor had the equal score against Sivas as 2-2. It means we stay at Super League. Congratulations Alanyaspor FC   Visit Alanya #alanyafinaldestination #alanyasporFC

Alanyaspor vs Galatasaray

It is hot game. Aytemiz Alanyaspor FC gainst Turkish Super League leader Galatasaray FC (Istanbul).  The Super league game will be played in Alanya at Bahçeşehir Stadium at 19:00. Alanyaspor FC trying the best to stay at Super League. If the team win at home, substantially feel relax to stay at league. Alanyaspor must win. On the other hand Galasaray also has to win. Beacuse Başakşehir, Beşiktaş a...

The winner is Alanyaspor 3-1

Alanyaspor FC has won the game against TM Akhisarspor in Alanya 3-1 There was probably more than 10.000 audience at Bahçeşhir Football Stadium who was supporting Alanyaspor FC. Here by the short summary of the game.

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