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We like to inform you about the #coronavirus updates in #Alanya and in #Turkey. You will hear more about it until the virus away from our life. We hope to get sunny days back in all around the world.


  • According to the circular sent by the Ministry of the Interior to the 81 provincial governorships regarding plane/bus services within the scope of coronavirus measures, airline passengers will not be able to travel without a Travel Permit Certificate starting from 06.00 today. All airline companies, especially Turkish Airlines, will not sell tickets to citizens who do not have a Travel Permit Certificate and will never allow them to travel by plane.
  • Minister of Internal Affairs Soylu said that passengers with symptoms such as fever and cough will be quarantined for 14 days in the health check carried out for vehicles at the city entrances and exits within the scope of new types of coronavirus measures. Reminding that the system that controls the degree of fire and health status of citizens in private vehicles was created at the entrance and exit of 81 provinces, “There is a reduction of over 90 per cent in public transport.” found in the description.
  • Starting from 00.01 on 30 March, the restrictions will be made according to the last digit of the license plate of the commercial taxis registered in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.
  • From the first day of Monday, March 30, 00.01 to Monday, March 30, at 24.00, commercial taxis with the last number of their license plates will be able to traffic.
  • After the specified hour, commercial taxis with the last digit of the license plate will be able to traffic. This determined system will continue sequentially for the following days. In the provinces other than Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the subject will be evaluated by the governors and can be implemented by making decisions within the scope specified if necessary.
  • According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior within the scope of combating Kovid-19, intercity buses will be made with the permission of the governorships as of 17.00. Due to the treatment needs, the citizens who have been dispatched with a doctor’s decision, who have passed away with their first degree relatives or who have serious illnesses and who do not have a place to stay in the last 15 days can be carried out with the permission of the governorship.
  • On the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it was reported that at 9:00 am yesterday, provincial administrative boards and then pandemic boards were convened simultaneously to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak. In the meetings of the provincial pandemic boards, all kinds of additional measures were taken to maximize social distance on the basis of social isolation and provinces, especially in 30 metropolitan cities. These decisions will be implemented by the governors without losing time.
  • Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that the administrative permits of trainee lawyers until 30 March had been extended until April 30. An investigation was launched on 372 people on the grounds of news and sharing, over 65 years of age, offensive behaviour, violation of quarantine measures, stockpiling, false or illegal disinfectant and leak mask.

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  • Intercity travels are now subject to the governor’s leave.
  • As in the public sector, flexible work will be started with minimum personnel in the private sector.
  • Rarely seating arrangement will be applied in public transportation vehicles.
  • Picnic areas will be closed at the weekend and there will not be any collective places on weekdays.
  • Our soldiers will be appointed to summons according to the 14-day rule.
  • International flights are completely terminated.
  • A pandemic board will be established under the chairmanship of the governors in all provinces and additional measures will be decided when necessary.

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New restrictions were introduced to the market areas with the new circular published by the Ministry.

  • Accordingly, sales of products such as clothing, toys, ornaments and bags will be stopped in the markets with the new circular.
  • New market areas can be determined in order to meet the basic needs of citizens according to the density. Also, municipalities will be able to provide direct services to meet the basic needs of citizens.
  • At least 3 meters distance will be left between the benches in order to reduce the density in the market areas. In case of a space problem, applications such as the inclusion of additional streets and streets can be applied.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables sold unwrapped will be sold in hygienic packaging without being contacted by the consumer and will be constantly checked by these police officers.
  • Market tradesmen will be ensured to comply with personal hygiene, and if necessary, necessary action will be taken. Garbage collection, hygiene and disinfection measures will be taken by the municipalities in the market places.
  • Markets can operate until 19.00 at most.

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has sent an additional circular to the governorship of 81 provinces within the scope of combating the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak at 24.03.2020.

  • The activities of workplaces like tattoo saloons where people work very close to each other were temporarily stopped.
  • The same person is constantly in contact with others; It is necessary to ensure that the personnel such as cargo, letter distribution, cashier, courier, collector contact with their customers and do their work by wearing protective gloves and masks.
  • According to the circular, all markets in the provinces and districts will serve between 09.00-21.00.
  • The maximum number of customers in the market will be one-tenth of the total area directly served to the customer, excluding warehouses and administrative offices.
  • All markets will announce the maximum number of customers that can be found inside the market by hanging on the market entries.
  • Necessary measures will be taken to find the specified number of customers inside. If there are a specified number of customers in the market, no other customers will be taken in until the customer leaves.
  • Markets will also remind that customers waiting to enter should wait for at least one meter away, and a poster stating this issue will be hung so that it can be seen at the entrance of the market.
  • All urban and intercity public transportation vehicles (including intercity passenger buses) in the provinces and districts will accept 50 per cent of the passenger-carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license, and the seating style of the passengers in the vehicle will prevent the passengers from coming into contact with each other.
  • In the circular, it was reminded that the main risk factor in the Kovid-19 outbreak is where the citizens are located.

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  • Turkish State took its strictest measures so far Saturday, banning people over 65 and those with chronic health problems from leaving their homes.
  • The interior ministry ordered all restaurants to shut down to customers except for deliveries and pickups. Earlier, the ministry banned picnics and barbecues.
  • President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on citizens to stay at home and practice social distancing as the health minister announced 12 new deaths from the new coronavirus. Speaking in a video released on early Sunday, Erdoğan said all government offices are working at full capacity to overcome the crisis.He urged people to follow instructions released by the authorities and to stay at home. “Hopefully, we will get over this difficult process together.”The president said the government has taken necessary steps to ensure adequate food supply and urged people not to panic over individuals “attempting to launch a negative campaign.”“The state has taken all the necessary precautions. There is no shortage of any product. We have plenty of medical and other products. Do not be misled by shelves in some Western countries,” Erdoğan said.#stayhome #evdekalVisit Alanya


Here are the new statutory actions by #Antalya Governorship

Inform the public

In order to create awareness of water and soap usage, hygiene and disinfection in the city, Information will be provided on institutions’, websites, billboards and local press.

Common living areas

Units affiliated to the related managements such as civil society organizations, dormitories, nursing homes, elderly nursing homes, rehabilitation centres etc regarding necessary measures will be taken by the relevant institutions.

Disinfection tasks on Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya

Disinfection works of public institutions and organizations, service buildings and surroundings will be carried out by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. If necessary, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities will be able to perform disinfection works by purchasing services from authorized biocidal practitioners.

Disinfection of Buses

Municipalities will follow up disinfection works of all public transportation vehicles and stops such as intercity, shuttle transportation. Hand disinfection devices will be recommended to be used in public transportation vehicles.

Restaurants will be open

In addition to the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, restaurants will be excluded from the section where restaurants will be closed to ensure that food needs, which are one of the basic needs of the citizens. However, in these establishments, a seating arrangement will be provided with a distance of at least 1 meter between customers.

The only takeaway from Patisserie and Bakery

It was decided to temporarily cease the activities of the sections of such enterprises that are excluded from food and that are collectively used for socializing, entertainment, spending time, sports, etc. The parts of the bakery and bakery establishments used as cafes will also be stopped. In these workplaces, it is not forbidden to only perform sales/takeout from the counter, but any service to the tables in the workplace or garden.

Forensic and administrative action for those who do not follow the rules

Although the supervisory authority and responsibility of such workplaces are in the relevant municipal police department, all other institutions will be able to perform inspections and controls regarding the determination of contradictions to the decisions taken by the board. It will be provided within 24 hours to keep a record of those who act otherwise, to follow the necessary judicial proceedings, to the institution that licenses the relevant law enforcement unit and workplaces according to the area of responsibility, and to those who require administrative action within 24 hours.

The distance at the market area is 1 meter

The activities of the open and closed auto markets throughout the province were stopped. Animal markets were closed. In the open and closed street market places, only the sections where food section must remain open or at least 1 meter between the sales stalls. Relevant municipalities will make the necessary arrangements to minimize personal contact.

Yacht, boat and bus tours prohibited

Yacht and boat activities, which provide all kinds of sea transportation for touristic and diving purposes throughout the city, were stopped. In addition, it is forbidden to transport local and foreign tourists to locations such as shopping malls and cultural excursions in the city or between cities by tour operators or accommodation facilities.

The obligation of gloves to hairdressers and barbers

If necessary, public health institutions, whose services have become a priority, will be provided with personnel, tools, materials and logistic support as much as possible by other public institutions and organizations. Professional organizations will make their announcements about the use of masks and gloves, and the utmost care for hygiene rules, in the workplaces such as barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons that serve by direct contact with people.

14 days rules for people from abroad and those who contact them

Written notification will be made by the Provincial Health Directorate and law enforcement units to those who come from abroad, who live under the same roof, or who are suspected of coronavirus transmission/transportation due to contact in any way, within the boundaries of the province. An administrative fine of 3 thousand 150 TL will be imposed on those who do not comply with the first warning not to leave their homes. In the second inspection, those who are found not to be in their homes will be taken under sanitary supervision for 14 days in the places determined by the Governorship. Again, an administrative fine of 3 thousand 150 TL and judicial proceedings will be applied in accordance with the 195th article of the Turkish Criminal Code.

3 thousand 150 TL + 392 TL penal each time

For those who do not comply with the decisions of the Board, both heavy fines and imprisonment will be imposed. In accordance with Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law, a penalty of 3 thousand 150 TL will be given each time regarding the failure to comply with the Board decisions. In addition, as per article 32 of the Law on Misdemeanors, an administrative fine of 392 TL will be imposed.

From two months to the one-year prison sentence

In accordance with the TCK’s 195th article titled “Behaving Contrary to the Measures Against Infectious Diseases”, the person who does not comply with the measures taken by the competent authorities will be punished with imprisonment from two months to a year. Also, closing and license cancellation will be applied.

Coronavirus protection measures of Alanya Municipality

Alanya Municipality spends intensive work all over the city within the scope of the action plan to prevent and combat the coronavirus with its teams and equipment. The teams continue their disinfection activities everywhere by prioritizing the areas used by the citizens with the priority of the Mayor Adem Murat Yücel.

The areas used by the citizens, from playgrounds, mosques, market places to public institutions and organizations, are regularly sprayed and disinfected every day.

Within the scope of the 1-week struggle plan, the teams affiliated to Alanya Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate, like all units, perform a feverish work at the alarm level in order to minimize the effects of the coronavirus and take precautions. In this context, while cleaning and hygiene works are carried out in 81 underpasses and 19 neighbourhood markets, packaging wastes and garbage are collected in a planned manner, the city is swept with broom machines, certain areas are washed with medicated water and disinfected. According to the program planned with the container demolition tool, the containers are washed every day. In addition, garbage trucks are washed and disinfected meticulously at the end of the day.

Alanya Municipality Cleaning Affairs Manager Adem Demir emphasized that citizens should be more careful about trash especially in this difficult period; “I ask our citizens to pack their garbage, at least once a day, to remove their garbage at the time given to them and to throw them directly into the trash cans for hygiene. Our teams clean, wash and disinfect the places used by our citizens in our Neighborhoods. ”

120 facilities, especially Mosques, Public Institutions and Organizations, were disinfected within the scope of 1-week prevention and struggle plan by Alanya Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Directorate teams. The eastern, western and central municipal service buildings, municipal and police service vehicles, where citizens came in and out, were meticulously disinfected.

Alanya Municipality Police Department teams gave information to the manufacturing sector operating in the city and to businesses selling food. Within the scope of combating epidemic diseases, it carried out supervision to take measures and increase the measures in hygiene-requiring workplaces. The teams warned about the use of protective clothing (bonnet, gloves, work apron) for the personnel working in these sectors.

It continues its disinfection efforts in teams affiliated to Alanya Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate, especially in parks, seating and playgrounds, picnic areas frequented by children and the elderly. Teams connected to the Directorate disinfect the intensive use areas by continuing their work, which they started in the early hours of the day every day. All the parks and picnic areas throughout the city were disinfected during the one week period and necessary precautions were taken.

Providing information within the scope of the studies, Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel emphasized that the coronavirus and its measures and struggles continue without interruption; “as Alanya Municipality, our fight against Covid-19  and our preventive efforts continue. In this context, we are doing our necessary work by staying true to our action plan. We are working with all our units for the health of our city and our citizens. We disinfected and continue to use everywhere that our citizens use intensively in the 1 week period. My request from our citizens is to comply with the .arnings announced by our Ministry in this process. As a municipality, our struggle with our power will continue. ”

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Sources: and Alanya municipality 

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