Stand up Paddle in Alanya

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If you can stand and swimm, you have fun than..

What about waking up early, go to beach and stand on paddle? Fantastic sport and brilliant day in Alanya.

A little bit info about stand up on Paddle:

  • If you can stand up and swimm, than the fun begins
  • Starst from Alanya public beach behind the Alanya City Hall.
  • 2 Hours paddeling.
  • Amazing clear water and view front of Red Tower and Dockyard.
  • Professional trainer guidence
  • You have chance to do Yoga and Surf on waves. Surf house is in Oba on the beach at opposite of Alanya old football stadium.
  • If you want to get more information and try Alanya Stand up Paddle call: Mr. Barış Dülgar at +90 553 349 91 23

Have fun

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