Alanya’da Halk Otbüsleri

Public transport in Alanya
You can easily discover the town using public transportation in Alanya. The municipality buses are numbered, air-conditioned, most of them have been replaced with new disabled friendly models. The buses stop at the regular bus stops.

Information about Alanya public bus transport information will be updated soon.

Alanya City Buses
In September 2012 a new electronic system for buying a ticket in the Alanya bus transportation was introduced. Altogether in 64 buses, the ticket can be bought with an electronic card called “Alanya Kentkart” for a discounted price. You only put the card to the card reader by the bus entrance and its done, no coins, no change. Together with the card system, cameras and bus drive following systems have been installed as well. At the screen inside the bus you can follow the journey and bus stops on the Alanya map, additionally also bus speed and current time. A voice announces the next stop and the Alanya centre is announced as “Alanya merkezi – centrum”. The official name of the bus stop in the centre is “Ticaret Odasi” (coming from the Cleopatra site) or “Alaettinoglu” (coming from the Oba site).

The bus ride within Alanya city is 2 TL without the card and the rate is paid directly to the bus driver after getting in. The ordinary ticket through the Alanya Kentkart is 1,5 TL. Pupils, students and seniors over 65 years old have a discounted rate while yellow press card owners, local Alanya Journalists members, post carriers, disabled persons have free transportation.

There are 32 Alanya Kentkart sale places and the number is still growing. The places are marked by the symbol shown on the picture. The card is 5TL and you can buy it in any of the marked sales places. You will need to charge some credit to the card so that you can start to use it. You always charge the credit at a sale place, not at the bus driver. The card is not issued to a certain name and has no validity limits so you can use it as long as you wish.

For touristic purposes the most used lines are the lines no 1 (or 101) and 2 which drive along the cost on the Ataturk Boulevard and 25M Street. The line no 4 takes you up to the Alanya castle. Here you find a map of the bus lines in Alanya and bus schedule. The buses stop at regular bus stops. Before you want to get off the bus you need to push a red button either on the ceiling or some of poles inside the bus.

Besides the numbered Alanya buses, you will also see smaller local buses (dolmush) which connect surrounding communes with Alanya Centre. Those buses are smaller, sometimes without an air-condition. The lines end in the Friday Bazaar Bus station in Alanya.

For intercity lines you have to go to the main bus station called „Otogar“. The tickets are available at any of the bus companies´ offices at the station. The intercity buses are usually very comfortable, air-conditioned and modern with a refreshment on board. That way you can easily get to Manavgat, Antalya, Ankara, Bodrum and other cities in Turkey.

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