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Alanya Municipality has inaugurated the “Alanya in Time Tunnel” exhibition at the Bedesten Bazaar in Kale, showcasing the blend of historical sites and art.

The book Alanya in Time Tunnel systematically explains the history of Alanya and tells the story of the two brothers’ journey through time, starting from Damlataş Beach and ending in Damlataş Cave. The journey begins with the famous historian Herodotus, the Father of History. It includes encounters with Cleopatra, Kir Fart, Ertokuş Bey, Alaeddin Keykubat, İbni Bibi, İbni Batuta, Kaygusuz Abdal, Kılıç Arslan, Gedik Ahmet Pasha, Piri Reis, Suleiman the Magnificent, Evliya Çelebi, Kaptan Beaufort, Hamdullah Emin Pasha, and Ulu, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. The journey also features Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Along the way, children meet important historical figures who illuminate the history of Alanya and witness interesting events.


The works in the exhibition were written by journalist Deniz Som and illustrated by Prof. Dr. Nazan Erkmen. The purpose was to explain Alanya better to children and to make them love its history. The exhibition consists of pictures and stories of the heroes from the book ‘Alanya in Time Tunnel.

The exhibition, located in the Bedesten, one of the symbolic buildings of Alanya Castle, will contribute to the preservation and revitalization of the castle. Thus, it brings another cultural heritage dating back to the 13th century to the citizens. The historical building was restored within the scope of the work carried out by Alanya Municipality in the Castle and opened to visitors in its original function. Thanks to the exhibition, this historical building will be better promoted and given the value it deserves.

The exhibition will be open all summer and is free to visit.


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