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Alanya city museum attracts everyone’s attention

Alanya Municipality Hüseyin Azakoğlu Urban Memory Center and City Museum are flooded with visitors in all four seasons. Since its establishment, the Museum has hosted 30 thousand guests, especially students.

 The historical museum consists of 3 floors

The City Museum, located in Şekerhane Mahallesi and one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Alanya houses, makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the urban identity. Students, citizens, residents foreigners and tourists show great interest in the museum, which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. In the museum, which consists of 3 floors, there are workshops about Alanya’s ancient and recent history, political and cultural life, economic life, professions and handicrafts.

Located in the city centre and easily accessible, the Museum provides its visitors with easy mobility due to its spatial comfort and harmony between sections.

Hundreds of historical artefacts are on display

Alanya Municipality Hüseyin Azakoğlu Urban Memory Center and City Museum consist of 3 floors.

  • On the ground floor of the museum, there is a cinema projection device, iron, carpentry, weaving, gourd and agriculture (shirahouse) workshops and a transportation room in the gedey ( where the animals are located under the house) section with the mouth of Alanya.
  • On the 1st floor, archive sections telling the history of the city, the Municipality Organization, rooms with cave visuals
  • On the 2nd floor, there is the culture and entertainment room (the famous Alanya Toros Cinema), the bride’s room, the traditional Alanya house, the kitchen and the sewing room, and the calligraphy (bay window). Hundreds of historical artefacts are exhibited in our workshops.

The museum entrance is free. Visitors are informed by experts in their profession.

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