Amazing Nature in Alanya Sapadere Canyon

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Sapadere Canyon is a natural sight definitely worth seeing if you like nature and walking. The canyon was opened in 2008, until then it was only known by locals living in the area. It is app. 800m long and 400m high and it was formed by water, ice and wind erosion. You will be amazed by the picturesque nature scenes, numerous small waterfalls rushing over stones, various plants and aminals, especially birds and butterflies.
Even the air in Sapadere Canyon is different from the coast, its more fresh which offeres a nice break in summer heat. Moreover, the turkuaz water in the river is rarely over 10 degrees celsius even though the air reaches 30+. There is an opportunity to jump into the natural water pool at the end of the path or walk down the stairs to try the water yourself. A wooden environment friendly platform has been constructed along the river for visitors.
You can take an individual trip to Sapadere Canyon, take a taxi or join an organised tour. If you drive yourself, go app. 20Km east from Alanya centre and then turn left to Demirtas village, drive up the village and then follow the signes until the Sapadere Canyon.
If you decide to take part in an organised tour, you will be picked up from your hotel (place of stay) usually between 9. – 10. am by an air-conditioned bus. The tours are mostly guided in English or German. The price is app. 25 euro and mostly includes lunch and canyon entrance fee. Except a 45 min – 1 hour long canyon walk, a tour usually offers richer program including e.g. visiting the Sapadere village, a mosque, an old watermill, a silk producing atelier or fruit gardens where you can pick fresh orange or taste local and exotic fruits. Moreover, you may have a chance to visit so called Dwarf’s cave which was opened to public just last year. Tourists call it also “Rainbow cave” for its various colours stalactites.

Practical info:

  • There is no opening-hours of the canyon, you can come whenever during the day.
  • Do not forget to take a sufficient amount of water with you. There is a restaurant at the entrance and a tea place in the canyon to buy a drink too. Drinks are extra also if you take an organised tour.
  • The brave ones can take bikini and try to swim in the river
  • There are toilets at the entrance and in the middle of the canyon.
  • Cover your head! The air may be cooler and water refreshing but sun is still the same.
  • You may appreciate some mosquito protection.

Where is Sapadere Canyon in Alanya?

Images of Alanya Sapadere Canyon by Michael Holthuysen

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