1500 football team expected

Slider Sports in Alanya

In the time period of December – April 1500 football teams are expected to have camps in Antalya area.

Did you know that Antalya area is one of the biggest football camping area in the world. In winter time the subctropical climate is very suitable for teams to have prodcutive camping period.  Espcially Belek, Alanya, Side are are the most famous places. It was expected 100% more reservation  than last years figures. The most of the teams are from Russia, Kazahkstan and Ukrain.

The teams from Russian Premier Leauge, Lokomotif Moscow, Zenit, Rubin Kazan, Anji and other 12 teams have  preferred Antalya.

On the other hand, from the European Leauges and Arabic football Leauges have great interest to have camping in Antalya area. Most of the teams has great experince already in Antalya.

For the first time an Indian football team has booked hotel for camping.

Turkish tourism investors are happy about the reservations after 2017 tourism season.

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