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Slider Sports in Alanya

Merrel Alanya Ultra trail will be held on the 3rd of April in Alanya. 

The races are one the best international sports organisation in Alanya. The races were organised last year because of the Corona outbreak. The races will be starting from Alanya red tower area.

Alanya Ultra Trail is an international trail run extending from tradition to the future. It is suitable for every runner to enjoy every moment on the track of Yuruks to the peak of Taurus.

Alanya Ultra Trail is a sports organization with cultural and historical traces. The organization contains 76 km long Alanya Ultra Trail, 48 km long Taurus Mountain Marathon, 28 km long Keykubat Mountain Run and 15K Alaiye course.

We call it “On the trail of the yuruks, to the peak of the Taurus.” Why?

The Yuruks and Ultra Trail Runners have a lot of similarities.

The word yuruk means ‘good walking, fast traveller, strong, fighter’. Ultra-trail runners also have many of the features expressed by the word ‘yuruk’.

Yuruks have lived as nomads for centuries by moving from place to place. The material they need to sustain their daily lives is as much as a few draught animals can carry. Although their goal is to find grassland for their animals and continue their lives, they have a free and athletic lifestyle.

In this respect, Yuruks and ultra-trail runners have similar characteristics. Ultra-trail runners carry their equipment and food with themselves for hours during the race. Ultra-trail runners are also free-spirited people who love nature, who enjoy pushing their limits.

We are building a link between the lifestyles of Yuruks and the life philosophy of ultra-trail runners. Referring to this traditional way of life, we follow the hard but joyful journey of the migration routes, trails and historical caravan routes to the ‘peak of the Taurus’ on the trail of Yuruks.

 What is special about the race?

1 Day 4 Seasons

Alanya is one of the rare places where 4 seasons can be experienced in 1 day. Especially in spring, you can enjoy the sea and sunbathe on the beaches of Alanya, as well as skiing in Taurus.

Starting from Alanya Red Tower, our competitors feel the summer air at the start and finish points while they can feel the winter at 28-30th km.

Take your place in Alanya Ultra Trail. Enjoy 4 seasons in 1 day by running to the top of the Taurus Mountains on the trail of Yuruks and the historical caravan and migration routes that have carried civilizations over the centuries.

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