Alanya is the best tourist destination by dutch holidaymakers

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Alanya has been awarded the best holiday destination in Turkey by Dutch holidaymakers. This is already recorded by over 6,000 reviews which was  written last year. Alanya mostly gets good marks for its beaches, interesting places and its location in a beautiful area with plenty to do.

Kivilcim Nese Akdogan – Turkish Tourist Office: “We are very proud that Alanya has been voted as the best city and the familiar world behind him Alanya offers visitors next to a beautiful beach, a lot of history and cultural highlights this combination has certainly contributed to the high.. a score of 8.6. We are very happy with this great result and appreciation of Alanya. ”

Travel awards are like 5 years ago it was set to paint a fair picture of the quality of travel companies and destinations. Last year more than 6,000 reviews were written solely by travelers. All reviews are checked manually. This is the only public award in the Netherlands which is decisive only the consumer’s experience.

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  1. hi, I visit your town. If you can, send me please bus map.
    Thank you very much indeed.
    Boris Adamicko,
    Ruská 1
    46001 LIBEREC,Czech republic


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