Alanya will be at Fox TV in Finland

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Finland is very important place for Alanya. On the other hand, Alanya is also important for finnish people because Alanya is one of the best tourist destination for them
Alanya Publicity Foundation (ALTAV) and Detur is in corparation with Fox TV in Finland. Last year, Fox TV has broadcasted 12 episodes TV Propramme called “Alanya Heroies”. The programme has broke the rating recods in Finland.
This succesful corparation will continue this year again and TV shooting team has already started to pre-work in Alanya
Because of this succesful corparation, a lounge party has been arranged in Alanya by ALTAV and Detur. The sector representatives, programme team and players, chairman of Alanya chamber of Commercy and Industry has joined the party.
Mean time, the new product of Alanya Banana Delight has also offered the participants.
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