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18. Alanya International tourism and art festival has been held at 25-26 and 27th of June in 2018 in Alanya.

Alanya International tourism and art festival is probably one the most comprehensive tourism and art festival in entire Turkey. Festival preparations has been started for months earlier. Alanya Municipality has done amazing organization with whole staff. Espcially Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel has given special importance to festival and invited whole Alanya people to join to festival. He said “Alanya means festival” and he has proved with a succesfull organization.

Mayor Adem Murat Yücel : Alanya means festival.

Festival has started at 25th of June at the Atatürk square of Alanya. Alanya city management has taken the place at the cortege. Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel, District Governor Mr. Dr. Mustafa Harputlu and non govermental organisations, sister city representatives, show groups and Alanya residences have joined the cortege.

Cortege has very colorful pictures with Mehteran Band (Ottoman Army Band) which was set up with Alanya Municipality.

The most importand part of cortege is the perfomance of Nomad movement. Nomads are the ancestors of Alanya people. Today a lot people in Alanya move to high plateus (yayla) of taurus mountain. Cause means of tranportation people move to Yayla with cars to rest at summer homes. No more camels.

After the long cortege from Atatürk square Alanya Harbour, ceromonies has stated officially at the front of waterfall stage. Protocol members has done the speeches at the stage and festival has started with Hakan Aysev performance.

During the festival the nights were the most actives times. Alanya has people had chance to see life performance of national famous DJ’s and singers.At the fist night Mustafa Ceceli has the stage and he has done great performance.

At the second night of festival the Turkish art music singer Emel Sayın took the stage.

At the third night of the festival Ebru Gündeş has done amazing perfomnace.

18. Alanya Internation tourism and art festival had special guests from Batic states. Baltic states Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have celebrated centenary of independence with Alanya people. During the festival Baltic states have exhibit the culturel values and given live song performances. Baltic states dance groups has also done amazing folk dance performances.

 Besides concerts and shows there many exhibitons at the festival in Alanya. Alanya photography competionn was one of them. Photographers has taken different Alanya pictures and joing the competion. The result alos announced at the  festival.

At the 18. Alanya tourism and art festival the main thema was Seljuk time culture and life style besides the reflect to our life today. There were Seljuk arts and dress exhibitions at the festival area that visitors got information about them. Alanya was the Seljuk Imperior winter capital city and the city built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat as the name is Alaiye.

During the Alanya International tourism and art festival local food and hand crafts has been exhibited to visitors as usual.

Sister cites of Alanya and Local foriegner accociations has also joined the festival and exhibit their countries culture.

Here by you may see the activities and other organisations during the Alanya 18. International tourism and art festival.

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