They are coming to Alanya for 33 years

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You have not heard wrong that they are spending their 3 weeks holiday in Alanya for 33 years.

Alanya City Major Adem Murat Yücel has visited  them at the Hotel where they stay in Alanya and gave them letter of appreciation.

Major Yücel has visited German couples Christa-Theo Vogel, Edeltraund- Wilfried Müller and Monica Von Fishern at Hotel Panorama. He has spend some time with couples, thanked them cuase of they repeatedly spent their holiday in Alanya.

They came to Alanya 50 times in 26 years.

Edeltraund- Wilfried Müller said that we are so gald to spend our vacation in Alanya, we love Alanya and It is the best place to have holiday for us.

Monica Von Fischern said that I am an Alanya Lover. It is a wonderful city. I am coming to Alanya two times a year. Alanya is always priorty for German.

Major Yücel added after German couples, We are still saving our traditions that hospitality is very important for us. We are very honoured to have you in Alanya. As we know alot German live in Alanya permanently. Their kids study with our kids at same schools. It is honour for us to hear that you are keep coming to Alanya for many years to have holiday.

Major Yücel  has given the letter of appriciation to German visitors for the memory of the day.




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