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A contemporary art exhibition called “impressions” will be held at 16th-30th of September in Alanya at Alanya Culture and Art Centre by Russian Artists.

September is the time in Alanya for visual and aural arts. Two important events will be held in Alanya in September. Those are a contemporary art exhibition and Alanya Jazz Days.

Art is a dialogue

I’m looking at the sea and I want to shout out to the whole world: “Look! How wonderful it is!”

It’s great if there is a person next to you who can share this moment. But what if there is no one? What to do? Whatsapp a photo to a friend? Nah, it won’t do…

A photo will never share the emotion how much you wanted to scream. It does not show how you could not catch your breath.

It’s hard to see how bright the light was, hurting you to look at it. It doesn’t show how the rays are burning your skin, how thirsty you are. You can’t express these feelings with a photograph and send it through Whatsapp.

With the help of abstract painting, we can look into the soul of another person and open our own, to be seen in our essence. It seems that this is intimacy, this is — love”

Mariia Michi, Russian artist and head of art-lab MU_ART_UM.

The unique contemporary art exhibition will open at Kültür Merkezi in Alanya on September, 16 and will last till September, 30.

The main theme of the exhibition is the impressions of Alanya. But these are not the usual vacation experiences in Alanya, but an attempt to express the sensual feelings of the city by foreigners who live and work in it for several years.

There will be free entry for the entire exposure time.

Contemporary art exhibition << Impressions>> Russian artists’ sensual vision of Alanya.


We met spontaneously and accidentally, each of us arriving from different parts of Russia for our own different reasons, have been living and working in Alanya for several years.

We want to share our impressions. Through abstract painting, we want to touch the part of your soul that also remembers “that special sunset”.

Tatiana Taner
Julia Stepanchenko
Investment advisor
Alex Dantov
Elena Starzhinskaya
Manager, coach
Мaria Michi
Exhibition Curator
Artist, a teacher in an art studio MU_ART_UM in Alanya

I am concerned about the role of contemporary art in society and how art interacts with the audience. Since 2011, I have been teaching visual art for children and adults.

I studied design and psychology of visual perception, fashion history at The London College of Fashion, art therapy at Life Therapies Training Academy (London), as well as art history. Currently, I am an artist, decorator, designer, and a teacher in an art studio; I also work as an Art Director for a fashion company.

I have been living and teaching in Alanya for four years. I am very glad to share the most exciting works of workshop students with you.

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