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Dear Alanya Visitors,

We are honored to launch “” by the first months of 2013. We believe that the biggest gap in Alanya tourism movement has been fulfilled.

And now by Januray 2016 the new website of Visit Alanya.

Renewed, colored and supported by more visual beauties.

During thousands of years Alanya has became cradle for civilizations thank to wonderful climate, easy transport ways and fertile soil to easily grow great diversity of fruit and vegetable.  Mankind always wanted to live in Alanya as the remaining historical ruins from different centuries show even today.

Currently more than 45.000 people from 76 different countries have chosen to live in Alanya. Moreover, Alanya welcomes over 2 mil. tourists every year. All of them try to find the best flight to Turkey, airport transfer to Alanya, best restaurants, hotels, shopping possibilities and more on the internet.

We hope that will be the right place to help you before and during your visit in Alanya. You can find suitable places to stay, top things to do, useful information, favorite places to eat or have fun, all at

Visit Alanya will be a key address to check before your travel to Alanya.

I would like to especially thank to Visit Alanya team who are voluntarily working on the website. They are real Alanya lovers.

At the moment the website is in English only. In a year time we will introduce new languages such as Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, Finnish, Russian, Dutch and German…We are always open to new ideas, positive or negative feedback which can help to develop our website.Mail to:

I wish you have a nice holiday in Alanya.

Yakup Uslu


Absolute Fantastic Alanya

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