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Recent years Alanya became a popular “dental tourism destination” for Scandinavians and for the other countries in Europe and Middle East. Patients can have great holiday in Alanya besides taking the advantage of great price range at dental care. Modern dental clinics welcoming alot of tourists in Alanya. After the great potantial of medical tourism and and dental tourism, alot of dental and medical company has invested on the medical tourism. Patients can choose the best clinic for the best prices. At the clinics, you may find surprisingly modern equipments, multi language speaking dentists and surely great prices for different treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges, denture and tooth whitening.

What does attracts the foreign dental patients in Alanya?

  • Super prices
  • Modern equipments
  • Experinced staff and international service mentality
  • Easyly travel to Alanya and have great holiday.

What is the disadvantage of dental treatment in Alanya?

  • You can not eat delicious Turkish food some days.

Ps. The mails at appoinment form goes to Alanya Dental Care Services. Form is not profit aimed. It was purposed to support Dental Tourism in Alanya.

Visit Alanya..

“final destination”

Alanya is well known European dental care destination. Below, the video shows the “dental care service in Alanya.”

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