Educational Seminars to Local Municipality Police

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Alanya municipality police officers are on the educational training camp to provide better service during the summer season in Alanya.

Alanya Municipality Police Officers will receive training on public relations, body language, empathy, persuasion, courtesy and etiquette through a 12-day seminar program. The seminars aim to increase service quality.

Alanya Municipality Police Department continues the training seminars which are organized traditionally every year for personal and professional development. 130 staff will participate in the 12-day seminars on a rotating basis.

The main aim of the seminar program was to increase the quality of service offered to the public by the police officers in 2020, to solve the problems in communication with the citizens with more professional approaches, to provide stress and anger management and to develop effective decision-making methods. Communication skills, body language, empathy, sympathy, persuasion, courtesy, etiquette topics will be stressed during the seminars as well.

Alanya Municipality Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel said that Our aim is to give the best services to our local residences as well the tourists during the summer season in #Alanya. Educational seminars will be continued that we would like to have more communicative, persuasive and helpful municipal officers. At the end of the seminars they will have the educational certificates.

The first day, the seminar will be held by  Associate Prf. Dr. Mustafa Uslu on the topic of developmental characteristics of children and adolescents and communication with them. After the seminars, the staff will be certified.

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