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Dear followers,

I would like to share with you my tasty and exotic fruit papaya with you.

Well, I have  already eaten that one which shown on the image. That %100 my own product. I have carried on Papaya to Alanya from Malidives. Whenever I travel, I visit first the local market. Fruits and vegetables are from the producer to buyers. Healty and fresh. After I ate, I have collected the seed and planted. Just wanted to try. After a while I have got many small seedlings to deliver to my friends. I have planted one of them to my garden in Demirtaş Alanya.

The result is great. I have got the tastiest papayas ever. Now I planning to plant more in Alanya.

On the other hand, you may find so many different exotic fruits in Alanya which was grew up by local farmers. Probably number one is local Alanya Bananas. Sweet and tasty. Avocado is Alanya’s fruit as well You can find avocado in Alanya in every season.

If you like to have healty life style, Alanya is ideal place to live. 360 days you may have fresh fruit and vegetables. During your holiday you may visit different market places at different locations. If you like to visit Alanya center market, you may find it on Friday.

Alanya Friday Market

Enjoy your time in Alanya and spoilt yourself with tasty fruits.

Yakup Uslu


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