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We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding a holiday in Alanya during #Coronavirus outbreak.

Alanya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Yearly more than 4 million visitors are having a holiday in Alanya and most of them are repeating visitors. Because of this reason we are having a lot of e-mails regarding holiday conditions in Alanya. I would like to answer your questions in this post and I hope that can help with your decision to come to Alanya or behaviour in Alanya.

Safe ans secure holiday in Alanya

  • By the first of July, many hotels are opening the doors late cause of the outbreak for the summer season of 2020. Most of the hotels have prepared the accommodations and services according to the coronavirus outbreak. They already got the certifications. The Healthy Tourism Certification program launched in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is one of the first examples in the world, in terms of compliance with health, hygiene and social distance rules in four different categories: hotels, restaurants and cafes, airports, tour and transfer vehicles. Akka Hotels Andeton, First Class Hotel, Gold Island, Goldcity Hotel, NOXINN Deluxe, Rubi Platinum SPA Resort Suites, Syedra Princess Hotel, Xperia Saray Beach Hotel, Utopia World have been awarded certificates in Alanya.
  • 41 cities of 81 in Turkey have to use mask outside, there is NO obligation wearing a mask outside in Alanya and Antalya area.
  • There are no new coronavirus cases in Alanya and there is no patient under treatment in the hospitals in Alanya by today.
  • If you like to use common places such as a bank, post offices, buses, you have to wear a mask.
  • By the first of June, cinema, theatre and wedding saloons are open in Alanya
  • You can buy masks from the pharmacy and supermarkets.
  • No quarantine when you come to Turkey.

Safe ans secure holiday in Alanya

We recommend you in Alanya to keep social distance, use masks outside and keep clean yourself. This is the magic triangle ( mask, social distance, hygiene) to keep you away from the coronavirus.

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