Ferry to N. Cyprus from Alanya


By the time 30th May you may travel to Northern Cyprus by ferry from Alanya.

Akgünler denizcilik company anounced that you can book the tickets at https://www.akgunlerbilet.com/ .

You can book the tickets for Alanya- Kyrenia (Girne)- Alanya

On the other hand, you may also travel to Kyrenia from Taşucu after 18th of May.

Police control will be closed one hour earlier than departure time. You should be at the check in much earlier.

For more information you amy visit the web site https://www.akgunlerbilet.com/

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  1. Great news! Will the ferry connection be seasonal or year-round?

  2. Is there a roundtrip tour from Alanya to Girne Cyprus Oct 19 and retunn Alanya Oct 22, and how much does it cost for 2 adults, thank you

  3. How much would travel from Alanya to Girne cost in early June for 4 adults


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