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Alanya is the best travel destination

Golden award

Alanya as a tourists destination has received the golden award from one of the biggest travel websites in Holland because out of all the reviews of Alanya scored the best travel destination. is a travel agency from the Netherlands. Besides being a travel agency, is also a platform with reviews about Dutch tour operators and countries and places all over the world. organize the Reisgraag Awards every year. Unfortunately, the awards ceremony looks different this year due to the corona award will be sent to Alanya to ALTAV ( Alanya tourism and promotion foundation.)

The Reisgraag Awards has existed since 2015 and are awarded every year to the destinations with the best reviews. Visitors to our website have the opportunity to write a review about a destination they have been to. The editors then independently approve this review. In total, we have received over 20.000 reviews about destinations in recent years. Places and destinations are assessed on points such as hospitality, location, beaches, nightlife, restaurants, sights and culture.

The grade which Alanya received is an average of all of this. This shows that you are rated as one of the best destinations on our website, with an average of 8.3!
Are you curious about the grades that Alanya have achieved?
You may see here for an overview:
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