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Beautiful people choose Alanya..

Miss Finland gone with the wind from Alanya and complited the training period at 16th of  September 2018.

We were taking caring the group during their stay in Alanya. I personally like all the people in the group.  We have hosted as ALTAV ( Alanya tourism and promotion foundation) 20 people from Finland . Ten of them were #MissFinland.

They were all real princes.

How can I explain that they were, nice, kind, sympathetic, modest  and off course beautiful. Anybody wants to take pictures, they never said no. Always kind.

Princes have stayed at Hotel Aytur Ocean.

At the first day bikini shootings have been done. Professional photographers have done great job at Cleopatra Beach.  Thanks to Goya Beach and Havana Beach. They opened their door for missfinland.

In the evening Envie Beach has invited the beauties. It was great dinner at Envie Beach.

At the following day prices have started to make shooting at Alanya Castle, Red Tower, and Shipyard.

Photo by Yakup Uslu, Ellinoora Möytyri

In the evening Heikinbaari has hosted the princes. It was fantastic dinner and night. Ladies has presented to finnish guest at the resturant. They sang karaoke and have fun.

The following day princes have continiued  shooting at harbour area.

Photo by Yakup Uslu, Mirella Merivirta

In the evening there was a media day. Princes are introduced to media and they were introducing themself. It was a great another evening in #Alanya with stanning view of The Rabbit.

At the following day the prices have done also beach shootings. In the eveing It supposed to be Alanya final but unfortunately the first rain of the year has not allowed for the competion. Due to tecnique problems at Ilusion Event Hall the final evening has been cancelled. Thanks to #Ilusion anyway.

In the evening the programme has been changed instead the princes have been hosted at Leman Kültür Alanya. It was amazing dinner.

In the evening at the Leman Kültür,  Alanya Avocado Farmers Union has presented to princes #avocado and dragon fruit.

After the great dinner, one of the best party place of Turkey ,The Summer Garden Night Club has hosted the Finnish Princes. It was such a nice night.  The night was great. Thanks a lot to Summer Garden management and  all the staff.

At the last of the trip #missfinlad had time to relax.

As I see It was a great trainig time for missfinland. We hope that they had good time in Alanya.

By this chance, I would like to thank to Mr. Şükrü Cimrin for his great efford and all the other ALTAV management. On the other hand, special thanks to Alanya Municipality, ALTSO, ALTID, THY, Aurionko Matkat, Detur, Envie Beach Restautant, Summer garden Night Club, The Rabbit Restaurant, Hotel Eftalia Ocean, Leman Kültür Restaurant, Puppa Pub, Mehmet Leder, Hekinen Baari.

#misssuomi2018 #alanyafinaldestination #guzumalanya


Here by some pictures taken by Yakup Uslu, Yasin Kınay, Nadi Hammouda. Videos has done by Nadi Hammouda.

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