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Haydarpasha Open 2022 International Dance Competition, which will be attended by 300 athletes from 15 countries, starts today.

Haydarpasha Open 2022 International Dance Competition, approved by the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) and the Turkish Dance Sports Federation (TDSF), will be held in Alanya on 19-20 November, hosted by Haydarpasha Palace.

In the competition, in which approximately 300 dancers from 15 different countries will participate in different categories and age groups, the dancers will show their talents in front of the jury in order to get the highest score.

Haydarpasha Palace Board Member and Operations Manager Anıl Sözen stated that they are proud to host Turkey’s only international dance competition and that they aim to contribute to Alanya and our country in the field of sports tourism. Sözen said that the “Haydarpasha Open 2022” organization will be held for the second time in Alanya on 19-20 November, with the participation of 300 athletes in many age categories from 15 countries, as the only international competition in our country, under the umbrella of Wdsf (World Dance Sport Federation) and Tdsf (Turkish Dance Sports Federation). The competition in the “Open” category should be upgraded to the “International Open” category.”

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