International Alanya culture and art days

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International Alanya culture and art days

Alanya Municipality and Doc. Dr. Erol Kılıc from Akdeniz University Fine Arts departments are organizing the 1. International Alanya culture and art days. Event will get national and international artists together. Besides the event called the world’s painters Alanya meeting.

Events will be organised for first time in Alanya. There will be 30 national and 30 international professional painters and  will exhibit their works during ten days. Events will be held between 10-20th April by curatorship of Doc. Dr. Erol Kılıc from Akdeniz University fine arts deapartment and Doc. Dr. Orhan Cebrailoglu from Gazi University fine arts department. Evets opening will be at Grand Kaptan Hotel in Oba Göl on Monday at 10 o’clock.

At the event artists will produce plastic arts and exhibit in Alanya to art lovers in Alanya. After that the arst willbe exhibited also in Akdeniz University fine arts departments and the art will meet to students as well.

The organisation committee expecting artists from 51 different countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Ireland, Swithzerland, Luxemborg, Bulgary, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Lithuania, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Crotia, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Grecee, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Daghestan, Kazakhstan, Kosova, Egypt, Sudan, Marocco, Algeria,Yemen, Tunaisia, Jordan, Kuveyt.

For the fist time at events in Alanya, artists will meet the tourist and local Alanya residences during ten days.



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