New corona measures in Turkey

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We would like to give you new, nice, news about Corona outbreak but unfortunately, the situation going worse. Because of this, The Ministry of Interior sent a circular to the governorships for the implementation of new COVID-19 measures in line with the decisions taken in the Presidential Cabinet.

The circular will take effect on Friday, November 20.

  • Until a new decision is made, a curfew will be imposed on weekends, except 10.00-20.00. As the first application; A curfew will be restricted from 20:00 on Saturday, November 21 to 10:00 on Sunday, November 22, from 20:00 on Sunday, November 22 to 05:00 on Monday, November 23.
  • In 81 provinces, people aged 65 and over will be able to go out between 10.00-13.00 hours, and those born after January 1, 2001, between 13.00-16.00. Persons in the specified age groups (excluding employees who submit their work / SGK record, etc.) will be restricted from going out outside these hours.
  • All formal, private, formal and non-formal education activities will continue through distance education until December 31, 2020.
  • Shopping centres, markets, barbershops, hairdressers and beauty centres will only be able to serve between 10:00 and 20:00.
  • Eating and drinking places such as restaurants, patisseries, cafes and cafeterias can only be open between 10.00-20.00 to provide take-away and takeaway services.
  • Restaurants will be able to provide package service after 20:00 only by phone or online order.
  • Movies will remain closed until December 31, 2020.
  • The activities of the coffee house, tea garden, internet cafe, electronic game room, billiard hall, club, tea garden and carpet playground will be stopped until a new decision is taken.
  • All sports competitions will continue to be played without spectators.

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Visit Alanya Editorial

PhD. Yakup Uslu

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