Obligation to wear mask in Alanya

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According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs circular, it will be obligatory to wear masks in all areas across the country, except home.

The Recommendation of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee, in line with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ministry of Interior sent an additional circular on “COVID 19 Measures” to 81 provincial governorships.

Obligation to wear musk

Citizens are obliged to wear masks without exception in all areas (public areas, avenues, streets, parks, gardens, picnic areas, beaches, public transportation vehicles, workplaces, factories, etc.) throughout the country (excluding residences).

Visit Alanya wear mask

Busses passenger number will be limited

Standing passengers will not be allowed in urban public transportation vehicles, where physical distance rules cannot be applied in terms of interior volumes, such as minibuses/midibuses and buses without any dilution and lift in seat capacity. Apart from these, in public transportation vehicles such as rail system vehicles (metro, tram, etc.), metro buses and buses with diluted / lifted seat capacities; It will be determined by the provincial / district public hygiene boards at what rate/number of standing passengers can be admitted without violating the physical distance rules.

In rail system vehicles (subway, tram, etc.), metro buses and buses with diluted / lifted seat capacities, the sign/signboard indicating the number of passengers that can be taken standing will be hung in a way that everyone can see and the places where standing passengers can stand will be physically marked and announced.

Music will be off after 24:00

Restaurant, cafe etc. No music broadcast (including live music, recordings, etc.) will be allowed in all food and beverage or entertainment venues after 24.00 under any circumstances. Law enforcement units and local administrations will take all necessary measures in this regard, under the coordination of local governors.

Visit Alanya music aobligatory

No disruption in practice will be allowed and no grievances will be caused. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code, regarding the establishment of administrative action in accordance with the relevant articles of the General Hygiene Law for those who do not comply with the decisions taken.

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  1. After visiting Alanya in August for a month and only returning last week I was overwhelmed by the measures in place throughout Alanya. The turkish ministry has done an amazing job to keep their people and tourists safe. By implementing this requirement you will have the virus under control in no time and although 2020 has been a bad year for tourism you have 2021 to celebrate and improvement now will help your future grow.


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