Online and Printed Visit Alanya Magazine 2018

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Visit Alanya magazine is online and printed now.
Alanya online magazine has been published by the February 2018. It is not only digital magazine but also print magazine.  It will be delivered at property exhibiton in Sweden  and in Finland. Besides you can have it from Alanya tourist information at Damalataş.
Alanya Magazine has been prepared by Visit Alanya online  Alanya promotion volunteers. It is not commercial, It was publish to support Alanya to make one of the best tourist destination.
Everybody know that Alanya is sun sea and sand destination. In our first print we wanted to inform you that Alanya has much more. In this magazine you will find healty life style, local fresh furits, sport organizations, culture organisations and out door life.
You can download  Visit Alanya Magazine.
It is totally complimentary print and feree delivery.
 We thank to our supporters, IDEAL Real Estate, Trust United, Elite Construction, TSI Construction, Sabaş Home, Bilal (Albimo) Furniture, Lawyer Sadık Kutlu and graphic designer Gozferi Gökhan Tırpancı.
Thanks for the brilland pictures to Mr. Ali Aral,  Yakup Uslu, Mevlüt Görücü, Halil Toksöz.
Please advice us to develop  our magazine and let us know what you want to see at next print for 2019.
Yakup Uslu
Visit Alanya
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