Peacefull and safe holiday in Alanya

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Dear all visitors,

We have been receiving a lot of messages from different people who has booked holiday to Alanya or who wants to come to Alanya.

Ethier it is safe to come to Alanya or if we are fine.

First of all we have to say that Alanya is very safe for holiday. You can have your trip or book your trip without any suspicion.

And we are fine. We did not even realised in Alanya.

By 15th of July, suddenly a group of soldier has coup attempted. We all could not believed and shocked such as you did.

Thanks god, it took only a night time. Not more. We have all watched like hollywood  movies from the TV. But, it was real.

Whole Turkey moved to street and saved their domination.They lied front of the tank and open their chest agents to weapons. This was probably the first time in Turkish history. Public has safe the democracy against the armed corps.

Now we are much more stronger after the coup attempt. We believe our public power and no one attempt to do  same again.

In Alanya was calm and nothing extraordinary happened. Everybody had their holiday peacefully and safely.

You may keep going on your holiday to Alanya. You can book your hotel and make your holiday plans.

It is %100 safe at the moment.

Delicios Turkish food, warm sea water and sunny day waiting for you.

Have a nice trip to Alanya.

Yakup Uslu

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  1. I am going to Alanya on 23th July on Saturday. I am afraid about our flight. I dont want to die 🙁 I hope it wont happen the sittuation from Ukraine. Please write sth to call me down:) I hope it is calm in Alanya. I really like Turkey. Greatings from Poland.

    • Hello Qba,
      Alanya is safe and peacefull. Have a nice holiday.


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