A perfect place to cool yourself down one day away from the sea. Dimcay (translated as Dim River but often refered to as Dimcay River by foreigners by mistake) is a river flowing until the coast from the Taurus Mountains.

The river has played a big role in Alanya agriculture development in the past, nowadays it is mostly a favorite relax and picnic place with countless restaurants and attractions along the river. Local people love to come to Dimcay on Sundays for fishing, resting and BBQ.

The water of the river is always cool even though the coastal temperature is over 30 degrees celsius. While resting in shadow of rich vegetation, you can enjoy delicious food in the river restaurants unique in style and cuisine. They offer traditional turkish style sitting pergolas often situated directly on the water so you can chill yourself easily. Some of the places have a separated pool, some a waterslide, waterfalls and always good food. It is possible to swimm in the water or jump from a jumping board for the brave onces, sunbathe on the bank, enjoy waterslide or playgrounds for children.

On the way to Dimcay you may also visit a beautiful Dim Cave, a stalactite cave in the Taurus mountains or the majestic Dim Dam. The dam was finished only few years ago in the upper flow of the Dim River. It is now a great supply of tap water and watering systems for the area as well as a supply of electricity, which used to be unstable and insufficient in the top summer seasons before. Currently, you can enjoy a nice view from the dam to the valley.

If you want to drive to the Dimcay yourself, drive app. 8km eastern from Alanya centre and then up to the mountains following the signs. You can choose from many places and restaurants to stop by. The Dimcay river is often a part of many local tours (e.g. Jeep Safari) which usually organise lunch in one of the Dimcay restaurants. There are also busses going to Dimcay regularly.

Practical Information

  • Dimcay restaurants are quite crowded on Sundays when local people tend to make picnic up in the mountains. If you prefer peace, take your trip another day.
  • Taxi to Dimcay may be app. 50 TL from the Alanya centre.
  • You can take a bus to Dimcay – the line no. 10 starts from the Dolmush station in the Alanya centre and continues until the Dim Dam. You can take off at any picnic you wish. See theAlanya – Dimcay bus route here.
  • You can also take a regular bus to Tosmur, then from Tosmur square there are frequent busses to Dimcay. You can take off at any restaurant along the River, you do not have to jump off near the first one you see.
  • There is also a free bus service to Pinarbasi Dimcay Restaurant from Alanya. The bus starts from Palm Beach in the Cleopatra beach at 10:30 and 12:30, continues to Bistro Belmann in the harbour at 11:00 and 13:00 and then from the Ataturk Monument in the centre at 11:05 and 13:05. The latest return is around 5 p.m.
  • Do not forget your swimming dress and shoes that are easy to take off. To enter some of the seats you will need to take your shoes off.