Rest Property Alanya Belediye Volleyball Champion

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Rest Property Alanya Belediye Volleyball Champion

Rest Property Alanya Belediye Volleyball team became champion and got historical success. Alanya Belediyespor will compete in the efeler league (The top league of the Turkish Volleyball Federation) next year.

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Alanya Belediyespor Men’s Volleyball Team beat Saint Joseph 3-0 in the 1st League final Group and advanced to the Efeler League by 2 out of 2.

Rest Property Alanya Belediyespor Men’s Volleyball Team, which started the season with the championship password, was promoted to the Efeler League, the top league of Men’s Volleyball. Having finished the 1st League in the top four and made it to the Final Group, the Hoops won their first match in the final group against Milas Belediyespor with a score of 3-0 yesterday. Alanya Belediyespor, which faced Saint Joseph today in the second of the struggles played in Ankara, scored 3-0 again and made it 2 out of 2. Alanya Belediyespor Men’s Volleyball Team, which increased its score to 6, secured its place in the Efeler League before the last match and achieved a historical success.

President Yücel; “We believed in you, We trusted in you”

Meantime the game Alanya Belediye management was following the game in Alanya. Club President Yücel( Alanya Municipality Mayor), who went to Ankara to support the team, followed the struggle from the stands and supported the team.

President Yücel, who played a major role in the promotion of the Men’s Volleyball Team to the top classification and did not leave the team alone for a moment throughout the season, entered the field after the match and shared the enthusiasm of the team. Making a short speech to the team after the historic victory, President Yücel said, “Friends, I always said before our last meeting; We believe in you, we trust you. He was with you in our hearts and prayers. Today, the prayers of the people of Alanya were with you. God bless you, you have made us proud. Thank you to each and every one of you. good luck. We hope to achieve even greater success next season.” said.

After the AlanyaSpor football team, he came to our town for a great sports organization to be held on weekends in Alanya. Congratulations Rest Property Alanya Municipality Volleyball (Rest Property Alanya Belediye Volleyball ) team.

As Alanya, we are proud of you.

Special thanks to Rest Property and Alanya Municipality for supporting the team.

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