Teleferic is ready on use in Alanya

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By the August of 2017  Alanya teleferic has been started to work at Cleopatra Beach.

30 years dream of Alanta is completed finally in Alanya. The line of teleferic is 900 meters up to Alanya Castle. It was cost appr. 9 million euros and 1 million people expected to carry per year.

It will be opened officially at Bayram days. At the moment the system is on test stage.

Alanya Municipality Major Mr. Adem Murat Yücel said that we are realizing the 30 years dream of Alanya people. By the project all the visitors of Alanya will enjoy the amazing view of Alanya and Cleopatra Beach. We are giving a Bayram ( fest) gift to our people.

By the teleferic system people will be carried on cabins up to castle instead of big tour busses. By this way the historical structure will be protected.

It was priced as round trip is 20 TL and students are half the price.

Alanya Telefiric

Alanya Teleferic at National TV’s

Profile photo by Durmuş Özgen


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  1. Hello! I had lost my mobile phone today at the territory of castle. I suppose that it was at the bench near the church, under pine. I’m very sad! I have many photos inside phone, i lost many information. I hope a miracle… Thank you!


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