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Let me tell a wonderful legend that takes place in the Taurus Mountains while experiencing these annoying Corona days.

Turkey’s Antalya region is full of legends which are transferred from generation to generations. This region has cradled many civilizations throughout the ages.

Photo By İsmet Ergüleç, Eğri Göl

Photo By İsmet Ergüleç, Eğri Göl

Alanya area has one of the most important natural beauties of Antalya. You may find at the same time, history, nature and local cultural activities in and around Alanya. With the arrival of spring in Alanya, people reach the highlands  (yayla) by crossing the snowy roads of the Taurus mountains. Many legends lie in the Taurus Mountains. Because there is a life up there which is till surviving hundred of years.

One of them is the legend of the Lake Eğri. (Eğri Göl).

Photo By Lawyer Fatih Kısa, Eğri Göl

Photo By Lawyer Fatih Kısa, Eğri Göl

According to the Eğri Göl legend:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl and a brave-handsome young man. These young people were in love with each other and started to wait to get married after their engagement. This is the story that the time before they got to marry the young guy was called to the military service. Unfortunately, he was martyred at the military service. After hearing the news that the young girl fiancee who was waiting for her lover to return for years, her world was destroyed.

Photo By Halil Toksöz, Eğri Göl

Photo By Halil Toksöz, Eğri Göl

But there is nothing to do, you do not die with the dead says the story. There is no point in waiting anymore. The father of the girl engages her daughter to someone else, a wedding association is established and finally, the bridal procession comes to pick up the girl.

On the other hand, the girl is still in love with the ex. They ride a horse and set off with tears in the eyes desperately. When the caravan reaches the location of today’s Eğri Lake, the girl cannot bear the pain more. She says, “O my God, either put me in the water and I meet my love or set me free as a bird.

With the wisdom of Allah, that girl becomes water at that point. The waters boil and boil finally form a lake there. Since that caravan has a curved end there, the two-kilometre-long perimeter of the lake is curved. Since that day, every Friday, when the caravan disappears in the lake, the local people keep saying that a ball of light emerges from the lake.

This is the legend. It is a sad story but left behind beautiful nature..

Photo By Lawyer Fatih Kısa, Eğri Göl

Photo By Lawyer Fatih Kısa, Eğri Göl

How to reach Eğri Göl ( The Lake Eğri)  from Alanya?

Lake Eğri which is 130 km from Alanya and 40 km from Gündoğmuş, is located at an altitude of 2100 meters on the eastern slope of Geyik Mountain at the Taurus Mountains.. If you are going from Seydişehir route; After Bozkır-Only-Üçpınar-Dedemli-Söült Plateau-Asarlık Plateau and Akdam Plateau, you will reach Eğri Lake.

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Here are some of the images of Lake Eğri ( Eğri Göl) by Lawyer Fatih Kısa, Halil Toksöz and İsmet Ergüleç

It is just time to discover Eğri Göl area at the moment by the end of May but in the condition of saving the environment. Because the area is naturally pearls. It is a highly recommended place in Alanya, Enjoy the time..

Dr. Yakup Uslu

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