West Side Alanya getting ready for summer

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West Side Alanya getting ready for summer

West-side landscape work of Alanya will be completed until the 2023 tourism season.

The recreation area covers Türkler, Payallar, and Konaklı neighborhoods, designed by Alanya Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate,  within the huge size of 58 thousand square meters, there are many activity areas such as bicycle paths, resting and picnic areas, walking paths, children’s playgrounds, cafeterias, volleyball, and basketball courts have come to an end.

4.5 Km Cycling Road

A 4 km bicycle path will be built within the recreation area project, which is expected to be an attraction center. It has been announced that the bike path will be a double-lane round-trip, and the slippery will be reduced by making a broom on mesh steel concrete as the floor. In addition, within the scope of this project, bicycle parking areas have been allocated at 20 points, and a total of 100 bicycles can be parked. Road length distances from west to east on the bicycle path will be marked on the ground every 500 meters.

There will be a walking path, recreation, and picnic areas where families, young and old people can spend time, a children’s playground, fitness area, square, observation terrace, cafeteria, beach volleyball court, basketball court, linear track, 2 minibusses and a parking lot for 105 cars. In addition, it was announced that a 1440-meter walking path is planned in the appropriately wide parts of the area and outside the road pavement.

Yücel: “We will open in the summer season.”

Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel stated that the main goal of such giant projects brought to the city is to increase green areas and to protect the natural balance by popularizing the use of bicycles; “We started a mega project between our Türkler, Payallar, and Konaklı neighborhoods so that our citizens can use it easily, comfortably in order to protect our beaches and ensure that they are used in the best way possible. There are both walking and cycling paths and social facilities on the 4.5-kilometer coastline. After 1 year of hard work, we have come to the final stage of our project. Hopefully, we will put it at the service of our people at the beginning of the summer, which is the date we promised. I would like to thank my friends for their hard work and wish our recreation area to be beneficial and auspicious to the people of the region.” said.

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