19. International Alanya Tourism and Art Festival

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19. International Alanya tourism and art festival will be held at 15th-17th of June in Alanya.

Festival will start at 17:30 at the front of Atatürk monument with Nomad Move Parade on Saturday.

Alanya Municipality Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel said that We are taking care of our traditions that is the main vain which feed us. Mayor Yücel added that Nomad Culture is our inheritance to convey to new generations. We are inviting all Alanya people to join Nomad Move parade at 15th of June at 17:30 im Alanya.

Alanya is counting down for the greatest festival..

The thema of the festival is “Osmanlı or Ottoman”.  The organisation committee has prepared a fashion show about ottoman dresses. During the festival there will be celebrations regarding Turkey and Russia tourism and culture year.

The festival area is just behind Alanya municipality hall.

There will be concert programmes during 3 days in the evening. Here are the timetable and perfromances.

There will be huge participations to festival during 3 days. There will be stands regarding food, art and sister city representatives. 73 delegations from Alanya’s sister cities will join the festival.

Here are some images from former festivals.

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