22nd Alanya International Culture, Art and Tourism Festival 2024

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The 22nd Alanya International Culture, Art, and Tourism Festival will take place on May 24-26 at Alanya Harbour.

22 Years..

The 22nd Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival, organized by Alanya Municipality this year, is fast approaching. The festival evenings, taking place from May 24th to 26th under the slogan “A Breath of Alanya,” will feature performances by KÖFN, Ziynet Sali, and Yeni Türkü. Alanya Mayor Osman Tarık Özçelik has extended an invitation to all citizens to attend the festival, which promises to be a lively event.

The Alanya International Culture, Art, and Tourism Festival, organized by the Alanya Municipality since 2001 to showcase the city’s cultural heritage, art, and tourism, will take place for the 22nd time this year from May 24th to May 26th.

The slogan for this year’s festival is “One Breath in Alanya.”

This year’s theme of the Alanya International Culture, Art and Tourism Festival, which is held with a different theme every year, was determined as the cultural values of Alanya. With this theme, it is aimed to introduce the cultural values that Alanya has produced since its past through different events to be held within the scope of the festival.


The 22nd Alanya Culture, Art and Tourism Festival will start with the Festival Cortege on Friday, May 24 at 18:00. The cortege, in which young people, children, athletes and marching bands will take part, will also be held with the participation of local and foreign dance teams, guests and citizens from sister cities, along with vehicles promoting the local values of Alanya.

Following the cortege, the Mediterranean & Vocal Music concert and opening speeches will be held in Şelale Square, followed by school activities in the same area, and the program will continue with visits to the exhibitions and stands in the festival area.

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After the opening program at İskele Şelale Square on Friday, May 24, the Hungarian National Dance Company will perform a show at Alanya Cultural Center at 8:00 PM. The concert, which has attracted great interest from citizens in previous years, will start at 9:00 PM. DJ Gökhan Sakaltaş, who has successfully represented Alanya in national and international events, will take the stage at 10:00 PM. On the second evening of the festival, Radio D’s popular DJ Tuense will perform at 9:00 PM, followed by Ziynet Sali at 10:00 PM. On the closing night, the famous DJ Suat Ateşdağlı will perform at 9:00 PM, followed by Yeni Türkü at 10:00 PM.



The rich cultural heritage of the Turkish world will be showcased at the festival

The rich cultural heritage of the Turkish world will be celebrated at the festival. Local dishes, which are a significant part of Alanya’s culture, will be showcased at the food stands. A Culinary Culture exhibition will also be opened in the Lifos Area. Festival participants will have the opportunity to enjoy food and beverages from the Alanya region, which will be offered at the sections covering Alanya food culture, Alanya gastronomy, and Alanya agriculture at fixed and affordable prices. Additionally, there will be a promotion and tasting of pistachio lemonade, a local specialty with a registered geographical indication by Alanya Municipality, featuring its original recipe in the Lifos area.

Hygienically prepared homemade products will be available for sale at stands operated by women, many of whom are housewives and under the control of Alanya Municipality. Furthermore, a special visit point will be set up in the Lifos area to introduce the agricultural products of the Alanya region. This will be organized with the participation of agricultural unions, agricultural NGOs, and women farmers.

Visual enhancements, including exhibitions, will be added to the festival

In the culture and art section of the festival, various public institutions, organizations, associations, and citizens involved in different branches of art in Alanya were featured. This year, the festival area hosted several exhibitions organized by Alanya Municipality, including the “Those Who Add Value – Alanya, 1954- 2024 70 Years of Love” Photography Exhibition by Retired Teacher-Research Writer-Photographer Haşim Yetkin, the “Once Upon a Time in Alanya” Black and White Photography Exhibition, the “Alanya in the Time Tunnel” Exhibition, the “International Mediterranean Cartoon Competition 2001-2002 Cartoon Books” Exhibition, the “Festival Posters from the Beginning to the Present” Exhibition, the “Alanya Rugs” Exhibition, the “From Mulberry Tree to Weaving Loom – Alanya Silks” Exhibition, and the “Mixed and Complex” AFSAK Group Photography Exhibition. There are a total of 8 different exhibition areas available for visitors to explore.

Alanya’s historical treasures will be combined with music.

The festival’s second-day program will begin with the opening of all stands, exhibitions, and the Lifos Area to visitors. It will continue with folklore animation shows by schools, followed by a musical concert performed by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra in the Historical Shipyard building. Additionally, the “Alanya Through the Eyes of Miniatures” Exhibition will open in Kızılkule, and there will be a concert by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra on the terrace floor. The “Reflection of Alanya on Art” exhibition by Türkler Fine Arts High School, which holds significant value in terms of art education in the city, will be held in the historical cistern structure.

Nearly 400 stands will be ready to welcome visitors.

During the 22nd Alanya International Tourism and Art Festival organized by Alanya Municipality, nearly 400 stands will be set up on the Pier to welcome guests. The stands will feature cultural and art exhibits, as well as food and beverage stalls where visitors can sample and discover Alanya’s local delicacies.

Invitation from Mayor Özçelik to the festival

Alanya Mayor Osman Tarık Özçelik has invited all citizens to the festival, which will commence with a festival procession on Friday, May 24th and will be lively both during the day and in the evenings for 3 days. President Özçelik stated, “We have chosen the theme of the Alanya International Culture, Art and Tourism Festival as the cultural values of Alanya, with the slogan “A Breath of Alanya”. We will host an unforgettable festival with nearly 400 stands at the Pier, along with concerts and various events in the evenings. I extend an invitation to all our people to join our festival filled with culture, art, and entertainment.


Here is the performance on stage.

“Alanya Municipality organizes a successful, growing festival every year, and we eagerly anticipate it. Thank you for the fantastic organization.”

Dr. Yakup Uslu

Editorial – Visit Alanya

Dr Yakup Uslu - Owner of Visit Alanya

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