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Airport Transfer by Taxi to Alanya
After arriving to the airport it is easy to find a taxi to Alanya from any taxi stop in front of the arrival terminal.

Antalya – Alanya transfer by taxi:
Only Antalya taxi company can pick you up from the Antalya airport. According to fair play rules, no other city’s taxi company can pick up clinets from the Antalya airport.
You can either reserve a taxi via internet or phone or you can simply catch a taxi from the taxi stops in front of the terminal.
Be sure to set the transfer price to Alanya in advance. It usually costs app. 70 – 80 euro per car / one way.
Gazipasa – Alanya transfer by taxi:
There is a taxi stop in front of Gazipasa airport where you can take a taxi to Alanya. It takes only 20 – 30 minutes to the town and the price is app. 30 euro per car / one way.

Other possible alternatives for Alanya airport transfer are to take a shuttle bus to Alanya or to order a private car transfer to Alanya. Check with your flight company if they have a free bus to Alanya for flight passengers as well.

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