Alanya Boat Trip

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Alanya Boat Trip

Crystal blue water and soft sea breeze gives you the right summer holiday feeling. Alanya boat trip starts from the old harbour, where you can choose from countless wooden boats called. Gullets.

After setting off from the harbour and passing the newly built lighthouse, your boat will sail along the peninsula with Alanya Castle. You can enjoy panoramic views on the foretress, Red Tower and the Dockyards. Besides sunburning and relaxing on the boat, you will have opportunities to chill yourself during swim breaks. Most of the boats stop by the famous Lovers´, Pirates´ and Phosphorus Caves and give basic information in several languages as the boat sails by.

For the brave onces there is also a chance to jump from an 8m high cave in the cliff. The mood is generally supported with latest hits played on the board and in some cases also with a short animation programme. Many boats continue their sailing along the Cleopatra beach until the Ulas Beach and a Mud Cave, to the open sea and back to harbour. If you are lucky you can even see a turtle or a dolphin on your way.

Practical info:

  • The boats usually take off at 9 – 10 o´clock and return between 16 – 17. It is also possible to find shorter trips in winter time or negotiate an individual trip for few hours only.
  • The program above is general and does not have to apply to every boat. Clarify the programme before you buy a trip.
  • Most of the boats include also a lunch on the board, generally also unlimited drinks such as water, fanta, coke, sprite and beer. Ask to be sure what you get before you decide for the boat.
  • Make sure your ticket includes also an insurance for case something goes wrong during the trip.
  • Do not forget you suncream, glasses and any cover for your head as the sun on the sea is much stronger than on the beach. If there are no drinks included in your ticket price, take sufficient amount of water.



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