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Turkish Bath – Hamam Experience

Probably one of best thing to do in Alanya. You may also say the first thing to do. Because if you scrab your old skin on the first day of your vacation, you can have velvet soft and sun coloured skin at the end of the holiday.
Turkish Bath called “Hamam” has a long-lasting tradition from ancient times. Hamam used to be a place to relax, cleaning but especially a place of busy social life. Business meetings and events used to take place in Hamam, e.g. examining the “would-be” bride by broom’s mother before engagement.

Turkish bath did not arise as a touristic attraction but as a part of the casual life of Turkish people ever since and it remained a part of Turkish culture until today. You will have plenty of baths to choose from if you decide to visit a Hamam in Alanya. Almost every hotel in Alanya has its own hamam but you are not committed only to that one.
There are various hamam packages but the most usual one include warming up in a sauna and/or a steam room, then visiting the traditional Hamam with a heated marble block in the middle. Lying down on the marble you will undertake whole body peeling and then a relaxing (and cleaning) foam massage. After a short relaxation, you will get a classical oil massage which duration can differ according to hamam and package.
In some Alanya hamam places, there is also a swimming pool or a mud pool. Depending on your selected package you may also get a face mask, coffee scrub or a special kind of massage, e.g. hot stone massage, Thai or Bali massage. Hamam in Alanya is certainly the best place to spoil your body and relax your soul.

  • Practical Info:
    Clear up the procedures included in the price and duration of massage in advance
    You can go to hamam in your hotel, buy a hamam package from your guide or take a street hamam in Alanya
    many Turkish bath in Alanya have a free pick-up service from your hotel/home
    It is a usual practice to take bikini into Turkish Hamam
    You will get a towel directly in Hamam, you do not need to take yours unless you want to take a shower after the oil massage at the end.
    In some hamam water and tea is included in the package price, in some, they are paid extra. Take a bottle of water with you as sauna and Hamam is dehydrating.

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