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So far the best TV show for Alanya Promotion “Орёл и Решка”

Visit Alanya and ALTAV ( Alanya Tourism Board) have organised to get the TV programme called #headsandtails to Alanya and make them to shoot the programme in Alanya. The shootings have been done in April. Heads and Tails TV programme is so popular in Russian speaking countries. Around the world 460 Million, people have watched the programmes. Besides the TV programme, people follow the programme by social media channels such as youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

The main theme of the programme is that two persons come to the city and toss heads or tails. One of them wins unlimited holiday and the other one has to spend the holiday with only 100 USD. It is funny and real.

The result is great.

The programme has been broadcasted in the first week of June 2019. And the result is great. Video got only 320.000 views in youtube by today. You may watch the programme with English subtitles as well.

As Visit Alanya, we are doing our best to promote our lovely town Alanya. We are proud to work for Alanya. I would like to special thank to Alanya Municipality Mayor Adem Murat Yücel as ALTAV Chairman for the great support of programme. On the other hand, thanks to dear ALTAV board management. Thanks to ALTAV staff ,Seda Özbek, Hülya Mercan, Tanju Yıldız, Dilek Yaylalı.

And Surely Special thanks to Hotel Rubi Platinium, Ulusky Ergun, Pasha Restaurant, Hotel Villa Turka, Mehmet Kuş, Alanya Kent Konseyi, Cleopatra Yatch.


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