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Alanya Tropical Fruits Festival

Alanya Tropical Fruits Festival will be held on 6-7-8th October in Alanya at the harbor.

The theme of the Tropical Fruit Festival will be Avocado and Mango’. The second festival will feature famous artists, chefs, competitions, stands, and beautiful events.
Alanya Municipality, by adding a new one to the events and festival programs organized throughout the year, organized the Avocado-Themed Tropical Fruit Festival for the first time in 2022 and received great acclaim. A new breath was brought to the Tropical Fruit Festival, which will be held for the second time this year, with the theme of Avocado and mango. Alanya Municipality plans to bring together the tropical fruits and kitchen areas of Alanya with this festival, with its new concept that will contribute positively to the city’s brand value.

The new theme will be avocado and Mango

The festival, which will feature products and producers grown in the fertile lands of Alanya, Turkey’s tropical fruit paradise, will be held with the theme of ‘Avocado and Mango’. Many sectors, from the cultivation of avocado and mango to their processing and use in gastronomy, gifts, and cosmetics, will come together at the festival.

Well-known Chefs and Shows on the Gastro Kitchen Stage

In the Gastro Kitchen stage to be set up in the festival area, the events will continue for 3 days, where famous chefs will prepare delicacies and recipes with tropical fruits throughout the day, as well as the cultivation of avocado and mango, their importance in nutrition, their contribution to health and their applications in the field of cosmetics, with the participation of experts in their fields. The event, which will be dominated by entertainment throughout the festival, will turn into a musical feast where famous names take the stage in the evenings.

Mayor Yücel : “a new concept”

Providing information about the festival, Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel said, “Alanya is a big city that has carried out many pioneering works with its institutions and residents who have a city identity and consciousness. Alanya, the capital of tourism, also definitely deserves to be known for its tropical products, agriculture, and gastronomy. We are organizing the ‘Tropical Fruit Festival’ for the second time with a new concept of melting agriculture and gastronomy in one pot, and we aim to draw attention to the important products of Alanya, expand the areas of use in kitchens, and support our producers. I invite all our people to our festival, which will be held on 6-7-8 October 2023 with the theme of ‘Avocado & Mango’.” said.

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Editorial / Dr. Yakup Uslu





  1. I thing alanya municipality working very good for the people in alanya thank you for amazing job


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