My name Lisa and I am from Canada

I am a foreigner and I live in Alanya Slider



In 2013 my cousin and his wife Danny and Karen Douglas urged me to visit Alanya; my first reaction was “are you crazy , do you know how far Turkey is from Montreal?”

“Yes it’s far ” he replied ” but you will love it here, it is really fantastic and the weather is great” After giving it some thought;  loving to travel as much as I do I decided to research it.

I started looking into the crime rate, health care, hotel resorts, beaches, restaurants and realized that Danny and Karen might be right! Hotels to accommodate everyone’s need, restaurants galore, sea sunshine with warm weather  several private clinics and very low crime rate. What more could a person living in any cold climate wish for? I booked my flight and head to ALANYA!


Fast track to my arrival in the Fall.   Although I got into the City late at night I could feel the magic right away so I decided to walk around anxious to experience the vibe!

I Found a restaurant not far from my hotel and was greeted with tremendous warmth, good food and excellent service!  Wow! What a greeting in a strange land! Very soon I felt right at home. Walking back from the restaurant to the hotel I lost my way but I never felt lost, nor did I feel any level of fear.  I just asked for direction and was guided back to my hotel by anyone I asked. I felt elated and excited to be in a new City where I immediately felt comfortable .

In reflection I thought warm weather, good food, friendly people topped off with a feeling of safety, I think I am going to like it here!


I could easily write a long story about my experience in Alanya but this cannot be told in a few lines; I will say this much, within a couple of days I knew that I wanted to live in Alanya. With the help and excellent service from “IDEAL Real Estate“, I found an amazing apartment liked it right away, bought it in two weeks and  enjoy every moment spent there.  I just continue to meet new friends as I continue to enjoy the experience.

My story is not unique by any means, I have spoken with several other expats who also express their love for Alanya. We all agree on the fact that people are very helpful, warm hearted and very welcoming. We all share stories of how much assistance we got in updating our condos, making our wills, applying for our permits and anything we need to know in order to help us enjoy or stay in Turkey. Many of us just want to live and enjoy our lives in Alanya.

Frankly speaking I feel as if I did not choose Alanya but Alanya and it’s people choose me. I am writing this short story from Jamaica at the moment and while I do love Jamaica because I was born here and people are friendly and warm hearted here also, Alanya has stolen my heart and I just count the days to return in January!


I am smiling to myself as I sit on the beach in Montego Bay thinking about my cousin Danny who is also in Jamaica presently. I am thinking he may very well be doing exactly what I am doing, spreading the good news about how we love Alanya!! We love Alanya and share our experience with anyone who is patient or curious enough to listen!

To be continued !!

Written by Enett Reid (aka Lisa Anella) 

Presently reside in Montreal Canada



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