Alanya’s Drink “Karlama”

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If you see some people who eats snow at the hottest days at the street of Alanya, do not get surprised. It is time to be introduced to Karlama.

Warm summer days could be cool down with local way of drink. It is called Karlama. It was done by frozen snow. You may even find it in the middle of Alanya center at Friday Market.

Local Alanya people goes up to Taurus Mountain and pick up the snow which remains in the gaps. At the mountain the weather cool and some wholes never gets sunshine. That’s why you can still find frozen snow up there. After a hard walk to the mountain, local people fetch the snow. It is probably the most popular drink in summer time among the local people of Alanya.

You may try karlama with “pekmez” (carob sirup). There are several types of sirup as well.

Enjoy trying Karlama in Alanya.



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