Alanya’s most beautiful balcony and garden competition

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Alanya’s annual “Most Beautiful Balcony and Garden” competition welcomes you to showcase the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Alanya’s Most Beautiful Balcony and Garden Competition

The annual “Most Beautiful Balcony and Garden Competition” organized by Alanya Municipality has begun its countdown. The applications for the competition will be accepted from March 11th (today) until May 13th. During the application process, participants must submit photos of their balconies or gardens electronically. The preliminary evaluation will be based on these digital submissions, and the finalists will be assessed by a panel of judges.


Jury Evaluation on May 23-24

The jury panel, consisting of esteemed members, will evaluate the finalists on May 23rd and 24th. The jury includes:

  • Prof. Dr. Reyhan Erdoğan, Head of the Landscape Architecture Department at Akdeniz University Faculty of Architecture
  • Nazmi Uyar, Director of Parks and Gardens at Alanya Municipality
  • Kübra Tuğçe Bekrioğlu, Representative of the Chamber of Landscape Architects in Alanya
  • Hande Doru, Landscape Architect
  • Fatma Yıldız, Landscape Architect
  • İsmail Haboğlu, Environmentalist and Columnist
  • İlhami Yetkin, Photographer and President of AFSAK Association

Director Uyar’s Statement: “Open to All Citizens”

Nazmi Uyar, Director of Parks and Gardens at Alanya Municipality, emphasized that the purpose of the “Most Beautiful Balcony and Garden Competition” is to raise awareness about the environment and green spaces. The goal is to create more livable environments with improved visual quality and practical spaces. The competition includes two categories: “Most Beautiful Balcony” and “Most Beautiful Garden.”

Citizens can submit their applications for the competition by filling out the forms on the official website of Alanya Municipality, or by contacting them through email ( or WhatsApp (+90 537 990 25 27) until the competition date.



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