First of July navigation and coastal trade fest in Alanya

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Annually navigation and coastal trade fest will be celebrated at first of July in Alanya at the front of Red Tower.

The celebration will start at 17:00 at the front of Red tower and there will be several competions. The most exciting competion is grabing the flag at the top of the woden stick. But the stick has been vansihed by oil. It is funny and hard game.

In the evening there  will be Turkish folk music concert and well known singer Cünet Güzel will take the stage at 19:30 at the front of Red Tower.

Back ground of the celebration

After Ottoman Emperior, Turks have lost to use of rights at their harbours for commercial. It means English – Franch and the other western countries were finishing Ottoman. After we have done our independence war, we were able to get back our rights to use national harbours. It is the day 1st of July 1926. Since than we celebrate the day festival of navigation and coastal trade (Denizcilik ve Kabotaj Bayramı)

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