Are you ready for a crazy party?- Colorist Holifest Alanya

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This is not usual at all.. What about a crazy party in Alanya on the beach?

Welcome to Colorist Holifest

Everyone gathers here, who wants to experience the energy and enthusiasm that music adds to your life with the purifying power of nature, giving the passion for producing and sharing, and for living every moment of life colorfully. The festival of colors is coming to add color to your life for the second time. We are meeting in Alanya on September 24.


Is paint harmful?

A natural product from cornstarch. There is no harm. We do not recommend using it if you have open wounds or allergies.

What does the ticket contain?

Ticket entrance + 1 free paint.

How can I get paint for more fun?

You can easily buy your paints from the officials in the festival area.

Can children enter?

You can enter on the condition that you are completely responsible and under 10 is free of charge. .

When will the paints be launched?

About 6:30 pm before the sun goes down.

What time does it start and end?

It starts at 17:00 and continues until midnight.

No age limit

Date : 24 September 2022 Saturday 18:00 – 00:00

Address : Kestel Mah. West Entrance, West of Kestel Football Field, Yuceller Petrol Front, Kestel Public Park Beach Alanya/ANTALYA


The paints are produced from food coloring and corn starch, which are not harmful to health.

Who is Organizing Colorist Holifest!!

It is organized by, which promotes 1200 festivals and events in Turkey. Festivals are insufficient to reach the target audience because there are not enough announcements. Festivals organized for the purpose of promotion or awareness cannot reach their goal because they cannot reach the target audience. We, as the Festival Guide; The project, which we started to prepare for in 2015, was launched as a website in 2018. We have seen many festivals and events on-site and exchanged ideas with the organizers. Travelers who follow our site make their travels more colorful by being aware of the festivals on their routes.

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