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 It is funny and you have a big chance to win prizes. The new competition “eyes of Alanya” is online now.

It is easy to join to competition that the only thing to do is upload your images to the web site called

ALTAV (Alanya Tourism and Promotion Foundation) organizes the competition with Alanya Municipality, ALTID ( Alanya Touristic Hoteliers Association), TTPP ( The Turkish Property Professionals) and KIRBIYIK AS.

What is the aim of the eyes of Alanya?

The aim of this competition is to better present Alanya seen from the individual perspective of each contestant to the visual world, to choose the best photographs that will be used to promote the city, to acquaint local and foreign tourists of Alanya’s natural beauty, history, cultural and traditional values. Moreover, to support photographers by arranging international exhibitions that will popularize the district and country, to advertise Alanya through presentations and social media.

When is the last registry date of the eyes of Alanya competition?

The last date for the registry is the 30th of November 2019.

What are the prices of the eyes of Alanya?

The winners will win for the position of:

  1. 10.000 TL
  2. 5.000 TL
  3. 2.500 TL

The registry is free to the eyes of the Alanya photography competition.

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