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Getting to Alanya

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Book Hotel in Alanya Online

Book Hotel in Alanya Online Where should I stay in Alanya? Choose a luxurious hotel, sea front all inclusive hotel in Alanya, simple apart hotel, small city hotel in Alanya or a family pension house… Use our searchbox to get the best hotel deals in Alanya. The searchbox is set to check all the hotels in Alanya region just pick your dates. If you wish to reserve a hotel in a specific part of ...


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Restaurants in Alanya

Serach restaurants in Alanya by Visit Alanya.There are several restaurants which serves to tourists and local people. You do not need to reserv a place earlier. Most of the restaurants have on pick up services. Enjoy the Turkish cuisine in Alanya.

Camping in Alanya

Camping in Alanya Planning to drive down to Alanya by your own caravan? You may like to stay a while in a camping by the sea and enjoy your sunny holiday and sea breeze. One of the oldest campings in Alanya is Perle Camping located in Kargicak along the main road to Mersin. It is the best equipped camping in the area as well. It is situated right on the sandy beach of Kargicak and there are water ...

Private Airport Transfer Alanya

Surely the most comfortable way how to get from the airport to Alanya is to order a private airport transfer to Alanya – it is easy, fast, comfortable and it brings you until your hotel / home. We do recommend it especially for families with children.    Private airport transfer companies are local certified companies offering professional transfer services from the airport to Alanya an...

Airport Shuttle Bus to Alanya

As airport traffic has become more bussy with Alanya – Gazipasa airport opening, some local companies have started to provide shuttle airport transfer to Alanya from Antalya airport as well as from Gazipasa airport. It is an economic solution especially suitable if you travel alone or as a couple as it is paid per person not per car like a taxi or a private airport transfer. Airport shuttle ...



Cleopatra beach of Alanya

[embed]http://[/embed] The most famous beach of Alanya which got its name after the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The Queen was so charmed by the beauty of the beach that she used to stop by during her voyage in the Mediterranean to swim in waters near this beach. The Cleopatra beach is app. 2 km long with fine sand on the beach and in the sea. The water is clear blue...

Triathlon is a traditional sport in Alanya

2015 Alanya ITU World Cup The excitement of triathlon  has staterted 25 years ago in Alanya. Now It is a real tradition of Alanya. When you talk about sport in Alanya It is the first what you remember. Mostly the competions happens in October.   During triathlon, probably you can enjoy the best climate of Alanya. If you like to join the triathlon excitement in Alanya in 2016, please note that...

History of Alanya

For its fertile soil, natural conditions and strategic position with an access to the sea and protection of the Taurus mountains in the back, Alanya has been a prime place to live for thousands of years. The first findings in the area date back to as far as 20.000 years ago. Alanya has changed numerous different rulers from pirates to various empires over the history, such as Ptolemaic, Roman, Byz...

Shop in bazaar and enjoy the seasonal fruits of Alanya

Colourful carneval of clothes, jewellery, lamps and ceramics, spices and fruit. Alanya Bazaar belongs to one of biggest bazars in the southern coast of Turkey. Alanya Bazaar ranges from the Alanya harbour under the historical castle to the bus / dolmus station in the centre. It is devided into south and north part by the Ataturk boulevard with lot of shops and cafes. Shopping in the Bazaar is a mu...

Turkish bath – Hamam experience

Turkish Bath called “hamam” has a long-lasting tradition from ancient times. Hamam used to be a place for relax, cleaning but expecially a place of busy social life. Business meetings and events used to take place in hamam, e.g. examinig the “would-be” bride by broom’s mother before engagement. Turkish bath did not arise as touristic attraction but as a part of casual life of Turkish people ...

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