Best time in Alanya

Alanya will be presented at Expo Antalya

The final day came and Antalya Expo has opened the doors at 22nd of April 2016. Protocol of Turkish State, Mr. President and Prime Minester of Turkey has joined and opened the Antalya Expo officially. Alanya is taking place with 3 projects. Natural beauties of Alanya is at Alanya Garden, Silkwarm products and silk veawing looms and the third one is banana plant fibres. The products are waiting for...

Crazy nights in Alanya – White nights

Alanya is one of the biggest party destination in Europe. World’s famous DJs suddenly could be on your way during your holiday. Cool Alanya nights can return to hot Alanya white nights. Follow us to know the best party times in Alanya. Visit Alanya

That’s why Alanya

A nice video which summarize Alanya Holiday briefly. Enjoy the time in Alanya during your trip. Thanks for sharing with us. Visit Alanya.

International Alanya culture and art days

International Alanya culture and art days Alanya Municipality and Doc. Dr. Erol Kılıc from Akdeniz University Fine Arts departments are organizing the 1. International Alanya culture and art days. Event will get national and international artists together. Besides the event called the world’s painters Alanya meeting. Events will be organised for first time in Alanya. There will be 30 nationa...

The world autism awereness day was clebrated in Alanya

2nd May The world Autism Awareness Day in Alanya The eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2016. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. Autism Awareness day was celebrated in Alanya at city square near Atatürk monument. Alanya National Education Director Hüseyin Er, students, teachers and studenstR...

Need to listen what foreigners say who live in Alanya

Evelina Andersson who lives in Alanya has written message to Alanya Expats Social Group. As we are the Visit Alanya team want to share with you. We did not touch to any dot or comma. “Thank you Turkey for welcome us in your country. Thank you Turkish people for always being nice, warm, smiling. Thank you for making me smile, enjoy my life, feeling welcomed.Thanks for making me feel safe here...

It’s time for Tulips and Hyacinth in Alanya

Spring is on air in Alanya and Alanya municipality has started to plant Tulips and Hyacinths at different location of Alanya. Everybody understand that when you see Tulips on the street, the spring is on the air. Alot of the people just for the reason “Tulips”, comes to Alanya and enjoy the time for Tulips. If you just close to Alanya harbour, you may see Tulips and Hyacinths at city s...

First tourist submarine in Alanya

The first tourist submarine in Turkey has arrived to Alanya. Submarine tours in Alanya is very important to make different attractions in tourism. Tours will start in April. The Submarine “Nemo” is the first touristic submarine in Turkey that is 20 meters long, 4 meters wide and 6,5 meters high. It is 106 ton weigh, and can get 48 persons inside in one time. The Submarine has been impo...

Alanya is the best tourist destination by dutch holidaymakers

Alanya has been awarded the best holiday destination in Turkey by Dutch holidaymakers. This is already recorded by over 6,000 reviews which was  written last year. Alanya mostly gets good marks for its beaches, interesting places and its location in a beautiful area with plenty to do. Kivilcim Nese Akdogan – Turkish Tourist Office: “We are very proud that Alanya has been voted as the b...

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University

ABOUT ALANYA ALAADDIN KEYKUBAT UNIVERSITY Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKU) was established on 2015 as a new state university in Alanya. ALKU aims to provide qualified higher education and an international learning environment with its four faculties (Business, Engineering, Medicine, Education), three graduate schools (Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences) and three vocational schoo...

Alanya is total fun

Alanya is one of the best tourist destination in the world. Eight months summer season attracts the youngsters for unlimited fun. The video about Alanya  has been randomly choosen from Youtube.

A little bit Alanya for you

Alanya is not only sea, sun and fun. There are many more to do, to see and to test. At the video of Alanya, you can see a bit of Alanya. Enjoy the time in Alanya  

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